Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Phone Drama

I am dealing with phone drama and have almost decided to go prepaid..... I am so tired of paying what I pay for the phone service. I have not been happy with my reception or the quality of the phone. I have the notion that part of my drama with my phone company stems from my uber-crappy phone and that might be the case. Unfortunately when I tried to rectify this situation I ended up getting into a bigger hole. Somehow I ended up with 2 lines when all I wanted was one with a new phone. I am still paying for a phone I no longer have and the amount I am paying I might as well be with Verizon as it is only 10 bucks more then what I pay now. Of course the representative assures me that this is all being fixed and that I will be refunded the money. In the meantime I am doing my research and I have realized that several companies out there have a prepaid plan with a smartphone and a monthly unlimited plan for 50 bucks. I think the writing is officially on the wall.... goodbye regular and super expensive plans, hello prepaid!

The company I am currently with is T-Mobile. The plan I am on should be 69.99 plus a 7 buck protection plan and of course the stupid taxes and what not associated with mobile phones. What I am paying however is around 108 bucks! In March I had a revelation, the phone I had was the reason I had terrible service. It was slow and annoying when I tried to use the android features. This is not the case on other phones that other people have. Nor was it the case with the phone I got for the week before realizing T-Mobile had taken stupid pills. I have been with T-Mobile for what seems close to 6 years. I was until this last year pretty happy with them. This last year I have been using this stupid Motorola Cliq. It seemed that this might be the issue. Add to that te fact that I was in Globe and spent my time on the nearby Apache Reservation. I figured it was just a bad mobile phone area. I talked to my sister and brother-in-law, who are T-Mobilers, and they get service where I don't. So I decided to get a new phone and for 5 glorious days I had a phone that worked and was fun to use. Then I went online to see about getting a case for it and I discovered I suddenly had 2 lines. I immediately called and told them that 2 lines was never my intent. I told them that I wanted the phone but not the extra line. They assured me they could do that but that I would need to send back the phone I had spent hours transferring phone numbers too. They told me that they would send a new, new phone to me and it would all work out. They put me on hold and typed away and when they came back they had more stupidly bad news. The payments I had arranged would need to change. As I was listening I realized that I did not feel like dealing with it. I told them I was sending everything back and that I no longer wanted the new phone due to their error. 3 months later I am still trying to get it cleared up.

This is the reason I am looking so hard for a new phone company. The phones I really want are expensive (even with the 2 year agreement) and then the stupid plans are too. That was why I started looking at prepaid plans. The phones are about the price I would pay for a phone anyway but the plans are cheaper.... by half. So I am deciding between Boost and Cricket and leaning towards Boost. Hopefully with the result of a little less grief.