Monday, September 24, 2007

The ALL NEW RENT MY DAD 2! The second coming!

Well some of you may remember the overwhelmingly successful Rent My Dad product I created a few years back. Some of you may not. I have no time to worry about it either way because I am now proud to present the All New RENT MY DAD 2!!!! Wooo! HE is more effective, more useful and more fun to include in any activity you may have planned. He is no longer a bringer of rain. Although he proved his powers once again during our trip to Vancouver BC and Seattle. Both places started out sunny when we arrived but started raining by nightfall. Talk about amazing but he has recently revealed even more capabilities and it is totally amazing.

Imagine needing a pole barn built.... or a stable constructed. If you have 9 short months and countless dollars to fly him around and provide 5 star quality service you too can have him build something! Mary Jo shipped seperately.

Imagine you have a dinner party coming up but you happen to be way too lazy to actually cook. This no longer will be a source of frustration with the all new Rent my Dad 2! HE will come cook up a meal and make you look fantastic! He can even entertain people with wild stories of the Oregon wild in which he currently lives. Imagine your guests being entertained by gallant stories of rabbit wrangling, chicken rustling and horsey poop scooping!

All this can be yours and more by emailing:

Some restrictions may apply!

But wait there's more!!

Rent My Dad 2 can also split logs, eat food, watch television, carry heavy loads, go shopping for paint, feed animals, barbeque and give advice! Imagine getting all this for the low low low price of PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DEALER FOR PRICES AND AVAILABILITY.

PS. I needed some attention recently so I thought of several ways to get it. I was debating two of them and I decided on writing this blog resubmitting my dad for rental service. I had thought maybe I could go to a political debate and ask some really stupid poorly thought out questions to see how long it would take before I was removed but I saw someone had beat me to the punch! He even won the fabulous door prize: a tazering while crying like a little girl. I am so jealous!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on Fire!!

Well I was like a monkey today! Up and down ladders crawling around on 2x6's and 4x4's. I only almost died once and I was only startled twice. The near death time? A 4X4 I was walking on decided to come unrooted when I was on one end. It tilted up and I used my arms to stop it from continuing. It was at that point I started bracing against the 2x6's. We only had 1 more roof piece to put in and I wanted it done. So I just climbed back up there and got my screws in and called it a day. I said "DAY!!" really loudly and scared everyone..... Ok so I didn't but either way I am all shiny and clean and good smelling again. We may be back up there tomorrow but you can see the end is within reach. I got in touch with Bob and Mary Jane and arranged a rendesvous down in Roseburg around 2:30 tomorrow. That will be fun.

What am I forgetting? Oh I fed the chickens..... which consists of tossing feed into their pen and I loved it the second and third were aimed in their general vincinity. They would run out of the way, then even more quickly, swoop back in and start eating. I also got to take the big red truck into town to get lumber and gravel. Oh and I put poles in the ground for a new rabbit home.

It was a pretty busy day and now it is time to go have Thai! Yay!

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Haps on the Craps.....

I am down in Roseburg for the weekend. I had an overwhelming urge to do something besides watch football. So I came down to see a barn be finished at my dad's place. The ride down took nearly 4 ad a half hours! Rediculous! It wasn't just traffic it was a broke down car that was blocking a lane. It was completley terrible. Either way I made it here finally and I am getting ready to go to bed. I thought I would throw some words your way first.

I interviewed for a better position at my company. I am still at my current position and have no future interviews scheduled. You guess how it went. Easy come and even easier go!

The roommate world is still working out. The room is still in progress but I have a path and no longer hurdle items to get to my bed. That is improvement!

Bob and Mary Jane are in Portland and I am in Roseburg. Oh sweet irony! Well I am planning on figuring out how to see them while they are in town anmd I plan to figure that out tomorrow. Bob decided the air was too fresh in Portland and went ahead and got a super cold due to all the non-smogness.... so we could not make it happen tonight. SO instead I got stuck in traffic just for fun! Yay! I am not sure how we will get together or where but I think it will happen. So you're saying there's a chance!? Yes there is, maybe Sunday. We shall wait and see. I hope to sneak one more blog in before I head back North so keep an eye out for it.

My fantasy football team Spaceman's Lunatiks are tied for 8th. Pretty good, right? Except that there are only ten freaking teams! Last week was rough. Everybody send good vibes LT's way. Thanks.

Friday, September 14, 2007

A moment to reflect....

He grew up in a 6 oz dixie cup, but he was destined for bigger, greater things. I found him toiling away in a pet store and saw the spark in him. I picked him up, bought a new 2 gallon tank and took him home. He moved into his new 'deluxe apartment in the sky-i-i'. He had moved on up to the South East side. It was at this point that he, George Jefferson the fish, started to have better luck. He was shades of blue and red and when he swam his fins puffed out and he owned the bowl. He was a bad mamba jamba and people stood up and took notice when he was nearby. He occasionally contributed as a guest blogger on this very blog. Due to some non-believers, his contributions became more behind the scenes as time went on. He was my idea man and the two of us came up with some fantastic material. In fact he was the one who came up with the incredibly successful Repetitive Tasks Awards! His presence will be sorely missed and I only hope to continue blogging at the level he brought to this dive. He gulped his last bit of oxygen giving water late last night. He will be honored in an extravagant flushing ceremonty tonight. I just ask that where ever you are and what ever you are doing, you pour a little out for my little dead homie.

His name was George Jefferson. He was my fish.

His name was George Jefferson.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fo' Real??

It's funny.... today we had a fire drill at work. It was right between calls for me so no big deal at all. We all filed out and hung around outside for ten minutes. When we all started filing back in I chose the stairs and some chose to wait for the elevator. I was walking behind a few co-workers and they, like me, are a wee bit larger then health experts feel we ought to be. Anyway they were talking and complaining about having to walk up the stairs when one of them said "Well at least we got some exercise in." So I thought to myself this is precisely why we have a weight problem in America. If that lady thought this one time of not going by elevator to the third floor was adequate exercise I would hate to see her really exercise. To be fair, we are in a call center environment, which for the non-call center people out there means that for the greater majority of the day you are to await calls at your desk. We don't move a lot. When I first put on my pedometer I discovered my average work day was under 3000 steps if I did not take little walks at break. That is with me taking the stairs and not the elevator. Which means we basically take in food and sit on our butts all day and never burn what we take in. So we are all getting larger. This is corporate America. This is what we have brought down upon ourselves. Sad really. So I take walks at breaks and when I can I do so at lunch but if I do anything but eat there is no time. Then I make myself walk a little at home. The running is on hold at the moment. I am getting blisters regularly and I have been too broke to get new shoes to see if that will stop the fricking blisters, any suggestions?

Oh, in an unrelated point I put in for a new position at work and have a phone interview tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Well keep doing what ever it is that you do.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The rest of the Eugene weekend

I definitely had an interesting Sunday. I was in Eugene with Maryann and Glenn, and we had a nice time at the festival the night before. After we woke and greeted the next day he headed for breakfast at a place that specializes in Vegan chow.... The Keystone Cafe. They were busy. So we were ready for a wait. Maryann was bound and determined to eat there and I was game. The problem was no one acknowledged us after we were seated. We sat there for an hour waiting for our order to be taken or for a waitress to notice us. Finally we gave up and the day improved considerably. We went to a place called the Sweet Life that specializes in baking Vegan treats. I picked up a non vegan cinnamon roll, Maryann had a vegan raspberry danish, and Glenn had vegan cheese cake. I tried the cheesecake after there cries of delight at the 'realness' of the cheese cake. It was interesting, not unpleasant interesting but definitely not a replacement for cheesecake. If you have no qualms about dairy and other animal products just eat regular cheesecake. I would eat it again though, which says a lot about it. Of course I would have to be hanging with Vegans….. Then we met up with Dad, Maryjo, Aunt Wanda and Uncle Don and headed to a place called Cafe Yumm! It was pretty good, they had some meat dishes and a lot of non meat dishes. It was a little too healthy though…. I had an overwhelming urge to buy a bunch of chocolate just to offset any possible healthiness! We lost Aunt Wanda and Uncle Don to Salem after lunch and soon we all parted ways. I was up in Portland around 5ish and watched Sunday night football before calling it a night. A very nice weekend but a little too short!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hello from Eugene!

I am down here in Eugene enjoying a great internet connection in the lobby of the Broadway Inn. It's a pretty nice hotel here. Maryann and Glenn look good and seem to be in good spirits. We headed down to a Celebrate Eugene festival and walked around and enjoyed music, wine and food. Eugene is an extremely vegetarian and vegan friendly town. In fact the street food vendors had a lot of vegan options. Maryann got a vegan tamale and a vegan polish sausage. I had real chicken from a Hawaiian food vendor. It was called Huli Huli chicken and had macaroni salad and rice to go with it. The highlight was the kettle corn popcorn, it was great. Anyway time to go back to the room and the company of family, have a good evening.

Going Down to Eugene!

Hello All!

Well I am headed down to Eugene. Maryann and Glenn are flying in there tonight and I am heading to meet them for dinner. I, of course, forgot my camera... actually I can't remember what box it is in so you will have to trust me on this one since I will not have any photographic proof. I am looking forward to it as I have not seen these two since March. The best part is that I am broke! I hate moving. Anyway my dad promised to fill the tank up if I could make it down so I am headed down.

I had thought about going down early enough to watch the Ducks play at Michigan in some sports bar near campus but my room mate told me that school had not started yet. SO instead I have stopped off to visit Aunt Wanda and Uncle DOn only to find they went to Washougal and were stopping at Ikea in Portland as I was heading into Slaem. i stopped anyway and took advantage of an internet connection so I could post to you. Anyway I am heading over to Olive Garden where we are meeting up for dinner.

Take care, Mike

Friday, September 07, 2007

the Latest

It's football time! I am back to doing fantasy football again. This is going to be quite a feat considering I do not have an internet connection at home. Oh well I have a pretty decent team. Last nights game was not a whole lot of fun as far as exciting games go but pretty good for my fantasy team. I have Harrison and Vinatieri and they had good nights.

Yesterday we had a mega potluck at work. I don't really like potlucks but I participated a bit anyway. When I say I participated in the potluck I mean I ate some food.

I have made a little progress at home with the unpacking but work keeps interfering. Did you know they expect you to go and to participate all day?? THe nerve!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New home update

Still surrounded by boxes in my room, it is hard finding the motivation to continue unpacking. I hate unpacking. Yesterday after work my roommate and I rented a few flicks. Then we proceeded to watch them. One was incredibly stupid but had a few funny moments.... Blades of Steel. A Will Ferrell movie about male figure skaters that become an all male pairs team. Has the Napolen Dynamite guy in it as well. Their first skating event as a pairs team is so horrible it is funny. Definately not a smart comedy. The next flick was The Contract. It had Morgan Freeman and John Cusack as the stars of the film so we rented it. It was awful, it had bad writing, bad story development and some super annoying co-stars. Skip this one because I still don't know the point of the movie. I was super disappointed because I expect better flicks from these two actors. Anyway hope everyone is doing well.

Monday, September 03, 2007


I am now at my new apartment and the organizing begins. It always amazes me how much stuff I accumulate. I had a truck load full of stuff that went to the Goodwill and still had 2 car loads and a truck load of stuff that I am trying to shove into a small room. I am sure I will further cull the herd and make another trip to Goodwill. I have a daunting task. The important thing is I am in my new place and out of the old. I have to thank my dad for a huge helping hand this last weekend, not only did he help me move but he helped me clean! That was a huge help, considering how long it took me to clean the kitchen I would still be there cleaning the rest of the apartment.