Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on Fire!!

Well I was like a monkey today! Up and down ladders crawling around on 2x6's and 4x4's. I only almost died once and I was only startled twice. The near death time? A 4X4 I was walking on decided to come unrooted when I was on one end. It tilted up and I used my arms to stop it from continuing. It was at that point I started bracing against the 2x6's. We only had 1 more roof piece to put in and I wanted it done. So I just climbed back up there and got my screws in and called it a day. I said "DAY!!" really loudly and scared everyone..... Ok so I didn't but either way I am all shiny and clean and good smelling again. We may be back up there tomorrow but you can see the end is within reach. I got in touch with Bob and Mary Jane and arranged a rendesvous down in Roseburg around 2:30 tomorrow. That will be fun.

What am I forgetting? Oh I fed the chickens..... which consists of tossing feed into their pen and I loved it the second and third were aimed in their general vincinity. They would run out of the way, then even more quickly, swoop back in and start eating. I also got to take the big red truck into town to get lumber and gravel. Oh and I put poles in the ground for a new rabbit home.

It was a pretty busy day and now it is time to go have Thai! Yay!

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