Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The rest of the Eugene weekend

I definitely had an interesting Sunday. I was in Eugene with Maryann and Glenn, and we had a nice time at the festival the night before. After we woke and greeted the next day he headed for breakfast at a place that specializes in Vegan chow.... The Keystone Cafe. They were busy. So we were ready for a wait. Maryann was bound and determined to eat there and I was game. The problem was no one acknowledged us after we were seated. We sat there for an hour waiting for our order to be taken or for a waitress to notice us. Finally we gave up and the day improved considerably. We went to a place called the Sweet Life that specializes in baking Vegan treats. I picked up a non vegan cinnamon roll, Maryann had a vegan raspberry danish, and Glenn had vegan cheese cake. I tried the cheesecake after there cries of delight at the 'realness' of the cheese cake. It was interesting, not unpleasant interesting but definitely not a replacement for cheesecake. If you have no qualms about dairy and other animal products just eat regular cheesecake. I would eat it again though, which says a lot about it. Of course I would have to be hanging with Vegans….. Then we met up with Dad, Maryjo, Aunt Wanda and Uncle Don and headed to a place called Cafe Yumm! It was pretty good, they had some meat dishes and a lot of non meat dishes. It was a little too healthy though…. I had an overwhelming urge to buy a bunch of chocolate just to offset any possible healthiness! We lost Aunt Wanda and Uncle Don to Salem after lunch and soon we all parted ways. I was up in Portland around 5ish and watched Sunday night football before calling it a night. A very nice weekend but a little too short!

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