Friday, September 21, 2007

The Haps on the Craps.....

I am down in Roseburg for the weekend. I had an overwhelming urge to do something besides watch football. So I came down to see a barn be finished at my dad's place. The ride down took nearly 4 ad a half hours! Rediculous! It wasn't just traffic it was a broke down car that was blocking a lane. It was completley terrible. Either way I made it here finally and I am getting ready to go to bed. I thought I would throw some words your way first.

I interviewed for a better position at my company. I am still at my current position and have no future interviews scheduled. You guess how it went. Easy come and even easier go!

The roommate world is still working out. The room is still in progress but I have a path and no longer hurdle items to get to my bed. That is improvement!

Bob and Mary Jane are in Portland and I am in Roseburg. Oh sweet irony! Well I am planning on figuring out how to see them while they are in town anmd I plan to figure that out tomorrow. Bob decided the air was too fresh in Portland and went ahead and got a super cold due to all the non-smogness.... so we could not make it happen tonight. SO instead I got stuck in traffic just for fun! Yay! I am not sure how we will get together or where but I think it will happen. So you're saying there's a chance!? Yes there is, maybe Sunday. We shall wait and see. I hope to sneak one more blog in before I head back North so keep an eye out for it.

My fantasy football team Spaceman's Lunatiks are tied for 8th. Pretty good, right? Except that there are only ten freaking teams! Last week was rough. Everybody send good vibes LT's way. Thanks.

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