Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"News" Shows Suck & the Weather Guy = Devil

Well we have had an eventful couple of days here in Portland. If you watched the news up here you would know that the second ice age was narrowly averted Monday and Tuesday. It was going to SNOW in Portland! Batten down the hatches! All hands on deck! And any other silly cliche you can think of when disaster is stalking your every move. I was really afraid that when I awoke I would find everything had been frozen and the technology had become obsolete. The cars frozen in their tracks and the grocery store doors sealed shut from the snow. I had expected a world full of woolly mamoths, saber tooth tigers and sloths. I had expected icy roads, snow that I would have to shovel and salt in my pockets. I had spent the better part of the night making a spear to get ready for the inevitable mammoth hunt. I no longer have any furniture left because I broke it apart to make spears, skis and snowshoes. If any one wants a sled I have the most awesome sled made out of my oven! The apartment manager did not seem happy about the fire I started in her rose bushes. She also said I was being indecent when I insisted on doing my half naked dance to the moon god. She doesn't understand that my half naked moon god dance was the only thing that saved us from the weather guys predictions. I mean I bought the world another few years and what do I get in return? An eviction notice! (By the way does anyone have a couch I can crash on?) I still regret the spears I made and the stove... yeah I have no clue how I was planning on cooking this winter. I wrote to the weather guy to ask if he could give me credit on the evening news but he requested that I remove him from my mailing list. I thought that was a little on the rude side. I had only emailed him a few thousand times this month about my indispensible help preventing Portland's flooding. It had been earlier in the year when we had experienced crazy nonstop rainfall in Portland. I had leaned against a building and it didn't get washed away. The weather guy said I was making fun of him and that I should stop emailing him. I said that he needed to recognize that because I prevented the building from washing away that I had in effect created the anchor that Portland needed during the time of the "almost" flood and without me we might have all ended up in Albuquerque. No one wants to end up in Albuquerque! Not even people in Albuquerque! I had bought a boat so I could rescue stranded motorists and people sitting on their roofs but did I get any recognition? NO! No I did not. In fact all I got was my boat reposessed! Guess who is not getting saved next year! The repo man, I won't even consider it! Another person I am not saving, the weather guy! Oh and don't forget the boat salesman! Jerks! I get no respect!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving and the latest site news

Well some of you may have noticed the new look of the main page - http://www.crazedlunatikdesigns.com I am betting that most of you did not..... If you are like me you bookmarka page and it is the same page all the time. So try out the link. I am in the midst of a redesign of the site. I was tired of a few things and it seemed very necessary to recraft the site. It is by no means done but I am trying not to hang an "Under Costruction" label on the site and shut it down until 2020 until I manage to keep myself on task long enough to work all the details out. In the meantime I am still open for business but I will be adding things and changing order around almost every night. As always, I welcome any feedback. Poke around a little and let me know what you find, whether it is good, bad or indifferent.

In related news, I am completely thrilled with my overwhelming feedback on my contest. It is going to be really tough to pick the winners. Those out there that have contributed know who you are! I am a little disappointed you did not post on the blog entry like I asked but I am willing to forgive that. To all others that wish to get the largest prize I have come up with so far remember that the deadline for submissions is November 30th!!! It is a little more then a week away! Remember to craft your entry after gorging yourself on turkey or for those that skip meat..... tofurkey. I hear nothing beats writing on a full stomach, add a lot of alcohol and by all that is holy you will probably be the winner. Unless everyone takes my advice then you might need to hire Stewey, the rabbit to eliminate the competition. Go here to remind yourself of the contest rules: The Prove It Contest!

Lest I forget have a good holiday. Enjoy a day of family and friends and don't say no to dessert...... Your tummy can find room for dessert.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Hey this Video is pretty cool! Read more about it here: http://www.isfat.com/happyjunk/kiwi.php

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Prove It Contest

I am looking for my number one fan. All of you claim to read this blog when I ask you and I get anoccasional email from an occasional person. Unfortunately I blog for attention and for a way to get my stupid stories out there. This contest is geared to reward people that read the blog. All I want is your opinion of a past entry. It can be this blog or the older blog "The Ramble Rouser". The better the review the better the prize. This time there can only be one winner so do your best. Try to make me laugh, get me to curse your very existence, get me to cry or get me to throw in the blogging towel. Either way do your best critique of one of my blogs and you might be the individual of the hour. Pick your favorite or your least favorite. All Submissions must be submitted no later then November 30th. All submissions must also be posted on this blog entry and have the blog title too reference the blog too which you refer. All blog entries made for the soul purpose of announcing contests or new stores are not really included unless you concoct one heck of a critique. The blogs containing other people's videos are out because they aren't really mine I just shared things I thought were clever. All entries must have someway for me to know who you are like a name and an email address. If you are afraid of spam then you haven't lived on the net long.... but you can always set up an online net email and use that for this contest but remember to check it after you submit.

Reasons for all submissions to be here. I won't have to repost the entry the contests are also thought up for pure entertainment value to be used by this blog. Please do your part and you could win a nifty Holiday prize pack. Which may include a shirt, a mug, a notebook, a signed picture of me or a can of chili. It may also include dirty laundry but not very likely. So do your best work and you could be a winner. At this website you can win more then once a year so all those that entered in the past are more then welcome to win again.

Once again the prize depends on how good your winning response is. I am not buying the prize until I pick a winner. So far all I know is no matter what the prize pack i it will include a sticker. I bought several for the last contest and I have extra. Thanks for the participation..... yeah.

MY First Moving Picture Piece

SO you are sitting there wondering what should I do tonight. Mike hasn't updated in a few days and I have nothing to laugh about. Well have no fear my Flash debut has been made head on over to http://crazedlunatikdesigns.tripod.com/index.html for the first look at a breathtaking epic. Forget Spielberg, Lucas and that Lord of the Rings guy Ihave made my first foray into a story told in pictures and that story is


GO there now and see it! It's an order!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

One Chick beats a Gaggle of Girls

Hello all in legoland! How are you faring? I am doing pretty well except the textbook I need was snatched up before I could get to Barnes and Noble. The galling thing is that it's sitting on the hold shelf. If I had remembered the hold option that bloody book would be mine! It seems like cheating to hold it though, I would have found it easier to swallow if the person had come in and bought the dang book before I got there. Somehow that seems more civilized to me. So tomorrow I plan to call local bookstores and find a copy that I can put a "hold" on. In my state of total dejection I decided to head over to Chili's to have some food. I had a craving for their boneless buffalo wings and was about to make a buffalo wing combo with Chili's 3 appetizers for 9.99 thing. I can see it now boneless buffalo wings, bonelss shanghai wings and regular buffalo wings I was going to try them all and then probably vomit on my shoes after I left. Unfortunately that promo ended so I had the fajitas.... or did I?

According to this reciept I had 1 chick for $12.99! I bet you didn't know Chili's was in the "Escort" services! Booyah! Totally busted those dirty birdies! (Click the reciept to make it bigger.)

Anyway in other Chili's related news. As I was having my fajitas/chick I had a gaggle of young teeny bopper girls sit behind me. Their chosen topic of discussion.... Periods. Yeah, I mean menstruation. I am not talking about a way to show the sentence is at an end. So I ate my fajitas/chick and tried to focus all my energy into the TV that was showing ESPN. I pretended that I really was interested in what Dallas thinks about T.O. (Terrell Owens) dropping 6 passes this season. I read those closed caption notes like they were going to save me from instant death. Ok to be fair I know this event must be major and something that can be quite shocking and in certain situations downright embarrassing. I also know that it is part of being female. I also want to point out that the mom there was very cool and told stories right along with the girls which is how I think a conversation about natural and normal events should feel and be like. That p.c. stuff being said do you have to discuss it loudly at a public restaurant. I mean "HELLO! I'm eating here!"

Other then that it was a good night.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Give me NCIS or give me death!

It seemed like such a good idea this morning. I could see myself eating a great pasta dinner while I watched NCIS and drank half a bottle of wine. It seemed almost like a Hallmark moment really. My dinner was to be shared with people I cared a lot about: Ducky, Abby, McGee, Gibbs, and Ziva. Especially Abby and Ziva. I even planned ahead. You see it was my first week on the job officially and Tuesday was my day off on the new schedule. I woke up and caught up with Bob Barker and his beauties. I even promised to have my pets spayed or neutered. I checked my homework to see if the prof had graded the portfolio I had turned in. I watched the vhs tape I had made the night before when I had focused on my homework and not the TV. Then I ran out of the house and headed to Barnes and Noble so that when night came I wouldn't feel antsy. You see I usually feel antsy on my days off because I forget getting out is the key for me to stay sane. I try to do things new but because I am still struggling with the concept of a budget my funding was totally non-existant and that left me to focus on free and nearby excursions. So B&N it was. The rain had finally stopped after a week of nonstop insanity and it seemed like a now or never situation. I mention the rain only because it was abnormal rain. It has been raining hard since last week and normally when it rains here it kind of just drizzles. It was raining so hard that it flooded in places. If you heard the news up here you would think that we were experiencing Katrina level floodwaters.... the news get a little overzealous at times. And by "at times" I mean all the time. Anyway I spent a few hours reading books and not buying them at B&N and then I headed home. I started cooking dinner. I bought some Italian sausage to add some interest to my dish and I like those sausages to simmer in wine for a few hours which explains why I only polished off half a bottle since the other half was in use. It was time for NCIS and I had dished up a plate of goodness. I went to flip on the tube and I was met with some horribly dressed people talking about voting..... VOTING!!! What is the thing about watching the election numbers? I have been told by people that watching golf is boring but I bet half of those people that find golf boring watched the voting tallies. Here is the thing, the vote will be the same tomorrow and why waste time until the vote is completely tallied? I mean seriously? Besides aren't the elections news and don't they have a set time for news? You know during the news shows. I mean isn't prime time the time when TV puts on shows for entertainment value alone? You know lots of murder, scantily clad women but no bad words? It's not like people didn't know there was an election... with all the backstabbing and rampant slandering ads all over the place who could not know? So since it was preplanned it isn't like this was breaking news or anything. You know what else? Every decision the voters made will be in the news tomorrow. So don't interrupt NCIS!!!! Especially when you hyped the show all day! Yeah that's right, all day long I saw ads about the new episode of NCIS. I was looking forward to it and instead of a surly Gibbs I found some jerks talking about the election. Where the heck is Abby? Where is Ziva? And more importantly where is the justice in this world? I mean what kind of priorities are we raising our kids with when you cancel TV shows for political drivel? Seriously? Do you think that any person that has enough money to successfully run for an office can actually relate to any of you on any real level? If so send that person to my house I want to meet them. Until then put NCIS back on!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Gone Daddy Gone

You might recognize the song... you might not. Either way Gnarls Barkley does a great video and version of the song.

And yes I am being lazy and posting a video instead of writing..... you will get over it. I am working on a flash movie I am slightly distracted.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I know that Halloween was yesterday but I just found this video today. It is an Indian version of Thriller. It is very amusing I just had to share!