Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving and the latest site news

Well some of you may have noticed the new look of the main page - http://www.crazedlunatikdesigns.com I am betting that most of you did not..... If you are like me you bookmarka page and it is the same page all the time. So try out the link. I am in the midst of a redesign of the site. I was tired of a few things and it seemed very necessary to recraft the site. It is by no means done but I am trying not to hang an "Under Costruction" label on the site and shut it down until 2020 until I manage to keep myself on task long enough to work all the details out. In the meantime I am still open for business but I will be adding things and changing order around almost every night. As always, I welcome any feedback. Poke around a little and let me know what you find, whether it is good, bad or indifferent.

In related news, I am completely thrilled with my overwhelming feedback on my contest. It is going to be really tough to pick the winners. Those out there that have contributed know who you are! I am a little disappointed you did not post on the blog entry like I asked but I am willing to forgive that. To all others that wish to get the largest prize I have come up with so far remember that the deadline for submissions is November 30th!!! It is a little more then a week away! Remember to craft your entry after gorging yourself on turkey or for those that skip meat..... tofurkey. I hear nothing beats writing on a full stomach, add a lot of alcohol and by all that is holy you will probably be the winner. Unless everyone takes my advice then you might need to hire Stewey, the rabbit to eliminate the competition. Go here to remind yourself of the contest rules: The Prove It Contest!

Lest I forget have a good holiday. Enjoy a day of family and friends and don't say no to dessert...... Your tummy can find room for dessert.

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