Friday, April 27, 2007

Neighbors and my afternoon of AIN'T

It's that wonderful time of year again when the sky is not forecasting rain and the temperature nearly lulls you into never making it back from lunch. In fact today as Chad and I ate at a place called Naked Pizza we had to skip the accompanying beer because we feared that we would never go back to work. I knew that I would run the other direction with a beer, a beautiful day and cute girls walking by. It was hard enough going back with out the sweet nectar of a hop filled beverage! Really really super duper hard. I started daydreaming of my patio, a book and several beers waiting for me when I got off. I could see the perfection, I was totally in the daydream zone. Of course the inevitable happened I got stuck on a call and left twenty minutes late from work. I hit horrible traffic and my perfect day was marred. I made it home still dreaming of a chair, a beer, a book and a patio. Unfortunately the neighbors were outside. They are always outside it seems, being loud and taking up space. The kids I understand but the adults? Do they ever work? I opened the sliding glass door to get the air flowing through and along with a light breeze their voices came along. Sentences peppered with "ain't", ethnic slurs and just really bad grammar. It was a mix of redneck and Ebonics the likes I hope to never hear again. I shut my door and I dealt with the stuffy apartment and as soon as they disappeared I opened the door again but the day was gone, the perfect moment spoiled. On the bright side the cool air helped cool the place down. I started watching an "exciting program" that ended up being a rerun of a show aired two seasons ago that I had seen. Not a rerun of a show from this season which I pretty much have completely missed. No, a rerun that had already ran! I was trying to ease myself into it anyway to achieve the relaxation I had so perfectly envisioned earlier that day when the final nail was driven into this day and this apartment's coffin. A very tumultuous verbal exchange took place between a girl and a guy about another girl that had apparently been sparked by a comment. It was loud distracting and every bad word ever invented found it's way into the conversation, along with a boatload of "ain'ts". I was done. I have said that I am on the lookout for an apartment within a hundred dollars of my current rent. After that fight I meant it, I sent contact letters to places I have scoped out and I have been scoping out a lot more. I am hoping to be closer to work and to the area of town I always end up bar hopping. I figure killing two birds with one stone would be a good move on my part. I need to get away from this area and closer to where my small group of friends live and a place that could be a Max ride or a bicycle ride to as opposed to a mandatory car ride filled with irritation and inept drivers all around me. I plan on apartment hunting a little Sunday. All the office hours seem to work against me so I will probably do most of the searching this Wednesday. So wish me luck. I need to be away from this area and in the big town and closer to people I actually know and like hanging out with.

Another thing I have decided from my Jerry Springer cast that live near me is that I have to stop cussing altogether. I need to relegate it to the surprise exclamations, the pain filled moments and the extreme mental anguish periods. It makes you sound ten times stupider then you normally do and most of us can't afford to lose that many points. :)

Monday, April 23, 2007


Yeah you heard it here first! Amazingly coming back to beat all odds we have a winner of a 2007 Repetitive Task Award! Croc would you do the honors!

Croc: Thank you esteemed creator of me and this silly award show.... I would love to have a winner! I mean I certainly don't hate them for cutting into my beer drinking and pizza eating... not one bit! I swear I am not thinking of eating your chickens and stealing your horse in the middle of the night. Seriously. Anyway for the award of PAYING YOUR BILLS we are proud to announce Dale W as the winner. Wolf is standing by to read you his wonderful Thank you note, take it away Wolf!

Wolf: Thank you Croc! Dale wrote a heartrending acceptance speech that I am pleased to share with you today. Here it is! "Well, I hope this is not to late since I need free stuff. I am honored to be chosen in the Paying your Bills category. I have decided since I have finally been recognized for my bill paying skills I can retire from that job. Did you know if you roll bills real tight you can burn them in a billburning stove. They can not be opened. They burn hot!"

Croc: What? Wait did he just say he burns people named Bill in a stove?

Wolf: Is that what he was on about? I thought he was talking about a bloke named Bill Burningstove that was a real tight wad and never gave money to people.

Croc: Let me read it again.... "Well, I hope this is not too late since I need free stuff and I want to use up all of Croc's pizza and beer money because I am evil incarnate! I am honored to be chosen in the Paying Bill category and the stealing of pizza from the mouths of a starving Croc and ripping thirst quenching beer goodness from his palate. I have decided since I have finally been recognized for my Bill paying skills I can retire from that job because in addition to paying off Bill I have taken away all of Croc's hope and dreams because I am an actual beer thieving demon. Did you know if you roll Bill real tight you can burn him in a Bill burning stove just like the money I ripped from the grasp of Croc's favorite bartender and used to light a cigar with. They can not be opened, much like beer at the store can't be opened if you have no money to buy it. They burn hot just like Croc's beer craving throat!" Yep he is talking about burning Bill and taking away the world's beer one sad little Croc at a time! What a sadist!

Wolf: Yeah that is much worse then what I was imagining he said. So he gets a prize for burning people named Bill in a stove and taking away your beer?

Croc: That's what I was told! That he was the only winner! What a weird group, I think next year I will just wait for the Billboard Music Awards to invite me to be a host! Forget the 2nd annual RTA's! I am going to host for someone who will actually get a Croc a beer and a pizza... and perhaps a few Crockettes!

Wolf: Me Too! Except I want wolfettes and those drinks with the little umbrellas on them.

This Repetitive Tasks Award Ceremony has been brought to you by: Stoves for Burning Bill because that guy is a real jerk! And also to the Reelect Bill Burningstove to US Congress in 2008 campaign because he sure loves not spending your money and everyone needs a tightwad! And the guy who came up with the little umbrellas for your drinks, he loves your patronage so make it a mai tai!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


It seems I have won my little protest and the original designs are available again.... I put the eBay shirt back out just to see if the fact that I took it off was the reason the mug reappeared.... We shall see!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Censorship and a Protest!

I have been censored. I have been plugging away blogging and creating stupid Cafepress items for a year and then I get censored! Can you believe it? You probably want to know why but I can only tell you that two of my most recent images at Cafepress have been put under a red flag status meaning my items with the images can not be shown, sold or produced on any images by that company. The images are for the Repetitive Task Awards schwag! I was given no reason for the trampling of my rights. In fact they never bothered to even let me know they had been pulled from my shop. Not even a "This may violate such in such rule and we are pulling it until we can make a decision as to the validity of your images" email. So I am not sure if they will be cleared or what the big deal is. I have an idea but it only accounts for one of the images. The first on I am about to share is actually the one I don't get. Help me identify something wrong with it...

The second item may be the cause of the ban. I use the company eBay on the shirt. It is pretty innocent though. Judge for yourself!

SO I have decided to poke fun at this by creating a protest shirt. Check it out and then buy it!

Help me fight the man... at least until they pull this one too!


Ok I know I asked you guys to write a thank you speech and I understand the incredible difficulty of the task but I have faith in each and everyone of you. It's for free stuff after all! I am sure you guiys like Happy Hour with free food and they make you buy a drink first! I am not asking for money.... unless you wanna give it to me. I am not even expecting you to be funny just a quick thank you speech. Tomorrow is the last day.... without one no prize! It's super easy! Just write "Thanks for the award now give me the free schwag!"

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Repetitive Tasks Awards 2007

This program is sponsored by Crazed Lunatik Designs and other many fabulous organizations such as Mud On My Sneakers and Vomiting Green Records. Without further ado we introduce our hosts for the night Croc and Wolf!

Croc: Greetings Folks! Glad to be here today! It's a beautiful day outside here in lovely Portland! Woo I love you Portland you have been a great crowd!

Wolf: Croc! Slow your roll! We just got here the show just started and we have awards to give out! You can't leave!

Me: Yeah besides just a few of us are up here in Portland. Some people are in Phoenix, some in Roseburg and other spots in the world. In fact the protester is actually in Chicago.... which is probably why there is no picket line to cross to get in the doors. Now shut up and read your cue cards.

Croc: Wow.... real nice guy you are. Just because you draw me and write my words doesn't mean you control what I do! I know where you live! Seriously! I am so not playing! Lucky for you I am a showman and the show must go on.... so lets try this again. Greetings Folks! Glad to be here today! I am so glad we are here and not where all the rest of you are. Portland is having a nice day outside, the sun is shining and flowers are blooming.

Wolf: Not that we want to rub it in or anything.....

Croc: True! Anyway we are here today to honor the people who will never be rich, the common people. The sorry, the poor, the unwashed, you are my inspiration. You inspire me!

Wolf: Shut up Croc! Do you even look at the cue cards he wrote for you? This is a special day for the ordinary people not lazy poor people! I, for one, am glad that I could take part in this extremely pointless award show. I mean the pointlessness of this event is only barely less pointless than the Food Networks "Foodies" or ESPN's "Espys". It is at least as equal to the MTV Music/Movie Awards in pointless level. Don't even get me started on the other award shows... they suck. Wait do I have to say that? I love watching the red carpet reports and I love the music acts and the silly comedians that sold their souls to earn the right to host the show....

Me: Croc! Wolf! Don't make me erase you two! I kind of like you!

Croc: Like you would even dare! What an empty threat! You draw in pen!

Wolf: He has a point...

Me: Could you present the awards?

Croc: Actually, no... there are no acceptance speeches. Just a protest statement by your cousin in chi-town.

Wolf: Yeah didn't you tell them to get the speeches ready?

Me: Well yeah I guess I did. Hmmm.... I wonder why the speeches never came in?

Croc: I say we go out and drink up the award money!

Wolf: Actually I think you should give them another chance... because maybe they didn't know they had to have a speech to win.

Me: Well why wouldn't they? I told them that.

Croc: You're right you did tell them that! I smell beer and pizza in our near future!

Wolf: NO!!! Give them a week. Then if still nothing lets get that beer and pizza.

Me: Ok Wolf that sounds good to me. Dale, Maryann, Glenn, Pete S, Pat G and Crystal! You have one week left to actually get an award. You are the winners but I need an acceptance speech to spend the cash.

Wolf: Can I tell the surprise winner?

Me: Yeah go ahead.

Wolf: Robert W, what size shirt do you wear? You are the surprise award winner for most repetitive anti-award show poster! You are a wiener of a new RTA shirt! I meant winner, really!!

Croc: Woo! I love wieners with mustard and relish!

Me: Yes, wieners with mustard and relish are good... especially with some onion and a spot of ketchup... or is that catsup? The rest of you: ONE WEEK + ONE SPEECH = AN AWARD!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Repetitive Task Awards Revealed

I have set up a shop where you can get some Repetitive Task Awards merchandise. It is all brilliant and hastily made. Rejoice in you consumeristic natures. Get you RTA 2007 swag now!

A Quick Repetitive Tasks Award Show Update

Due to unforeseen circumstances this show has been delayed but the wait is over! Sunday the awards show shall happen! It will be hosted on this very blog by two of the soon to be fun and exciting characters known as Wolf and Croc! Some of you have met them before and some have not but soon very soon they will be introduced. Try Sunday! Then after that their many adventures should start airing on this very blog! (As long as I figure out how to do that... anyone who knows how to do more then basic html can take part in my newest project. I would love any help or advice! Contact me if you are interested by email or by posting here.) Anyway the awards show has an exciting prize for the winner of each of the following categories. I hope the nominees have their speeches ready. Do not make Wolf or Croc do the speech for you they are notoriously bad at social responsibilities and it may result in embarrassment. In addition to the yet to be revealed prizes I have a yet to be revealed winner and category. If that is not the hook of all hooks! Here are the nominees and their respective categories (betcha can't guess who will win!):

Paying Your Bills Award
Dale W

Bad Music Lover Award
Glenn S

The Night Snorer Award
Maryann S

Daily Showering Award
Pete S

Deleting Spam Emails Award
Pat G (she even has to delete Spam emails at work)

Phone Call Transfer Award
Crystal H (She spent most of a day transferring incoming calls to other departments)


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Memorial Benches..... The Return of

You blindly logged on today thinking "Wow I wonder what Mike is complaining about today? Is it school, the job, a co-worker, a dumb movie, hackey sacking? I must know!" Then you get here and I am complaining about Memorial benches at the nearby park again. It makes you wonder why anyone would be allowed to blog at will...

Set all your dashed dreams and hopes aside I am ready to begin my story. So I have been taking walks when the weather permits again. They are still doing major construction at my park so I photograph the heck out of the nearby rose garden. I stopped harassing the old people and the retirement center unless I need a flushing toilet... So it occurred to me to look at the various plaques on the memorial benches in the memorial rose garden. I was amazed at some of the things I found so I photographed them to bring back to you. Keep in mind that I do not want a memorial bench when I kick the bucket, I would rather have a tree planted or a strip mall bulldozed in my name...

This is my rose garden. I may not own it but I love spending time there. The gazebo in the background is pretty nice but I never see it in use. They rent the place out to functions supposedly but it does not host local music or anything nifty. Which is a downright shame. We shall start the bench tour a wee bit on the inane side...

I am not sure if these people are dead but if any of my 'Friends' buy me a bench it better say something a lot more clever then that! I am actually offended that someone wasted money on this. If I knew these 'Friends' I would so own their behinds it is not even funny!

What exactly does this saying mean? This is the biggest bunch of hooey in the world. I feel like finding out how to start a Night of the Living Dead scenario just so this memorialized person can eat this dedicators brains. I mean they are not using them as this stupid memorial plaque can attest too! Really what does that mean "Time takes all but love and truth"? But that's not what it means it distinctly means to blathe, and as we all know to blathe means to bluff. Heh, so they were probably playing cards and he cheated...
"Liar! Liar! LI-AR!"
Get back witch!
"I'm not a witch I'm your wife but after what you just said I'm not even sure I want to be that anymore!"
You never had it so good! Wait! Somehow I twisted this into a Miracle Max and Valerie quote from the movie The Princess Bride. The twists my writing unexpectedly tape... and just because I ran out at 10 Pm at night to buy the movie to get the quote right have nothing to do with lessening the spontaneity.

Just so we are all clear 'clinge' is not a word. Cling, clingy, clinger, clinginess is a word and clingier and clingiest are even words but 'clinge' is not. The closest we come is a Dutch town called Clinge. It is in the province of Zeeland. It lies about 28 km southwest of Bergen op Zoom. Clinge is located on the Dutch-Belgian border and joins with the Belgian town of De Klinge, a border that can normally be freely crossed. The town consists of about 1447 inhabitants according to a report taken back in 2001. (The information in italics is taken and summarized from So what I am trying to say is that the 'Clinge' the plaque uses is not actually spelled right.... just to double check try to fit in "Clinge a Dutch town in the province of Zeeland". I will do it for you: "I will Clinge, a Dutch town in the province of Zeeland, to the old rugged cross and exchange it someday for a crown" It does not make much sense does it? So I guess nothing beats purchasing a plaque and then misspelling an easy to spell word like cling. You probably are thinking Mike you misspell words all the time but hey I didn't pay to put the misspellings there I did it all for free.

This one really boils my blood! I absolutely hate this plaque. Let's read it together: "When the past meets the future stop and smell the roses...." Ok you guys go first what does this mean? I have had fortune cookies in Chinese characters make more sense then this. I could understand Sanskrit before I could tell you what the goal of this saying was. It was like a computer crash happened and this saying should have been two different plaques but the crash melded them together! I just want to let Mickey and his half-wit family know that I am ready for a fight on this one! Your stupid plaque has bothered me for days already and if I don't kick a little tail over this I will utter this utterly retarded phrase on my deathbed and like Citizen Kane's last words people will be like "What the crap did that mean!" (Direct quote from the movie I swear!)

This one is my favorite! GO ahead click on it and make it a wee bit larger. If you do so you will see that the plaque was installed upside down. That has appealed to my very core so I have claimed this bench as my own. Every time I walk into the rose garden to take a seat I head for this bench and have a seat. To me this is the best way that any one was memorialized in the garden because it stood out.

Some of you may remember that I once had a bench in here dedicated to me from the Milwaukie Seniors. That can be seen by clicking here: Mike's Bench! Unfortunately Mary's bench has pushed me out of the garden but I am happy to say that I was not forgotten in the reorganization attempts. I have my very own little room dedicated to me as the photo below illustrates:

Yep and there you have it! Always the most popular bench in the house! I have people come into the park just to sit on my bench! My dedicated bench even has several repeat performances from the local construction crew! Flies also like to gravitate towards my new bench! Man, I never thought my bench would gain in popularity by moving it out of the garden! Maybe if you come and visit you can enjoy the many pleasures of my new and improved bench! You should only be so lucky!

Hope you enjoyed my return to memorial benches! OH AND WRITE A FREAKING COMMENT EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE PEOPLE! This excludes Robert because he actually comments on a frequent basis so he can be choosy about when and where to add his comments.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Class Kiss-Up

Yesterday was a very long day.... a very long day. Even before my first break I was looking at the clock saying why is the time creeping by? What have I done to deserve the longest day ever? Why are all these people mad at me? What is wrong with these people? I want to just go home! The break flew by as did my lunch and the second break but the rest of the day creeped by. I would be on a call for 5 minutes and I felt like it had went on for an hour. The calls were killing me. To make it worse my continuing education class was after work so I had no escape. I have to take continuing education classes to stay licensed to be an insurance person in Oregon. I had an hour from the time I got off work until the time my class started and I ran away. Some people suggested I work the extra hour and get overtime but I was barely managing my scheduled time. The other thing is even if I had I would not get overtime pay... they have us work 7.75 hour days so the first hour and 15 you only total 40 so why work another hour for regular pay when I felt like stabbing people? So I took off and I went to an art store and perused. Then I purchased a cup of coffee at a coffee shop and sat down to peruse a magazine and next thing I know it's time for the class. I headed back to work for a super long 3 hour class. I am going to tell you all a shocking secret, insurance is boring. It really is and although the instructor does her best to make it engaging it simply doesn't work. Knowing this I tend to draw a lot. I was working on my latest epic comic story when I ran out of paper and we were only 30 minutes in. About the same time as that a guy has hit everyone's radar as the class kiss up. He has a comment for everything the instructor says. She says "The.." and he would say "Yep, that's exactly the way it is." He had been in several of my previous classes and I already hated him as did everybody I know. I am not sure how the people I don't know felt about him before then but before the first hour was over I could tell everybody was on the same page, well maybe there is an exception of two minor kiss-ups who seem to think their comments mean something to their peers. What is it that drives someone to chime in every 15 seconds? I mean it's not like you make the class more fun with your stupid insights or your incredibly lame jokes. Who does that?

The main problem I was facing was that I was without a distraction which tends to get dangerous. So I start writing comments here and there to my co-worker and we slowly start having a covert conversation on paper. We talk about the "Commenter" and his lack of friends. We talk about things she says every time we are in a class, because she always teaches and her stories always end up in the same places. We finally got a much needed break and we bought soda to try and get the sugar and caffeine to help us get through the next hour.

In the second hour the things they are saying, because now the Commenter has turned the class into a conversation because every thought she expresses brings out a story from him and it is officially 'they' talking instead of her teaching. Anyway every stray word brings about another little conversation on our papers. I draw representations of the kiss-ups saying stupid things and my wolf and croc characters talking crap. We take apart every comment the Commenter makes. We also start taking words or phrases and running wild with them, at one point it almost causes my cohort to burst out laughing. We slow down for a bit and a second break is finally called.

When we come back we notice our paper talking has spread through the class and no one is listening. We are all writing hateful notes about the commenter and soon people are no longer even feigning interest if he speaks. It gets to the point that when he starts talking the room erupts into idle chat with neighbors. Except the two of us, we keep it on paper. We pretend to be listening even though we have no clue what is being said. Then another written comment about the word redlining almost gets both of us to laugh out loud again... I had to make a weak cover with a cough to make up for my less then quiet snicker. The Commenter continued to chime in as if he has no idea we all wish he would be violently flung from the earth and he might not have any idea. I start tallying every time he chimes in with a comment which adds up quickly. I give up after 15 minutes because the tally mark is ridiculously huge meanwhile my partner in crime is marking every time certain words are said and it is just getting silly. Finally our duty is done and the gates open and we are paroled from this prison. As we leave we make barbed comments about the guy hoping some will stick into his side like a prison shank. Some vow to never sign up for the night class because of him. Others talk of signing up for online courses. Either way no one wants to sit through that again. Even the nicest people reveal looks of hatred when he is mentioned. Maybe next time we will have prison style shanks that are fashioned from all the free knick knacks the company gives out to boost morale and we will leave the barbed comments unsaid and we will scatter leaving him slowly dying and no one will have seen anything....

Monday, April 02, 2007

Blossoms and Blue Sky Update

I added 8 pictures from my Goodwill camera. If you already looked go back and look again! I picked the best of the pictures, I was being choosy.

Go to Blossoms And Blue Sky NOW!!

The Fall Out

You may have read my blogs on the Art Institute Online and seen my latest spat and the email I sent. Here is what happened after that email.

I received a call from my academic adviser so I call her back.

"Hi Michelle this is Michael Williams. I am returning your call."

Michelle: "Hi Michael, I received your email. You have to take math if you want to continue in your degree program it is part of the core requirements. Without it you can't submit a portfolio to be allowed into the program."

Me: "I am not taking math. I have already taken math courses that are steps beyond the ones you want me to take. I am not paying to take math from you guys."

Michelle: "The only class I see is Calculus and it doesn't have a grade."

Me: I am not talking about calculus, I am talking about trigonometry and college algebra. I took the last math class because at the time I was thinking there might be a work around for the future but I was out of time and I still wanted to be in school. This time I rejected the schedule you sent me but I was enrolled anyhow."

Michelle: "You have to take this math because you placed there."

Me: "No I didn't I never took a placement test because I sent my credits and the school decided to ignore them."

Michelle: "Oh yeah. You did not take the placement test so that is why you have to take this class."

Me: "I am not taking this class. Can you work another class in instead."

Michelle: "You have to take the class."

Me: "No I don't. I have already taken more then enough math to fulfill the requirements. I am not taking anymore math. It is not my fault you don't accept accredited collegiate transcripts."

Michelle: "I only see the calculus and that didn't transfer there is no grade."

Me: "I sent transcripts from four schools! Stop looking at NAU and look at Rio Salado Community College."

Michelle: "I see a Speech class and an English class."

Me: "That is Mesa Community look at Rio Salado's transcript."

Michelle: "I don't see it we must not have got it."

Me: "Hmmm... that is funny, all those emails I have sent and you just decide to look at my grade transcripts now? Andi was able to view those transcripts when I had this conversation with her last December. She was not able to tell me why they did not transfer but she could see the transcript. Why did she find them but you can't? Did they get lost or is someone lying to me? They were sent and they more then fulfill these core classes requirement nonesense."

Michelle: Blah blah blah problem...

Me: "The problem I am having here is that you and everyone else I talk to is more interested in pointing out how everything is my fault and not the schools instead of trying to fix an error. It doesn't matter who made it I am trying to get you to fix it, you and this school have the power and pretending you don't is just stupid. I have taken math before and I can do math circles around the math you want me to take but I should not have to take it because I already have fulfilled this requirement. Are you going to help me to at least put math off for now until I can get someone to help me out?"

Michelle: "Well you did not do a credit challenge."

Me: "I never knew I could until it was too late."

Michelle: "Well that was in the enrollment packet you should have known about it. It was in the enrollment package."

Me: "What enrollment package? I have no idea what you mean. I never got an enrollment package in the mail. I started school before my transcripts had arrived so how was I going to challenge anything?"

Michelle: "You got the enrollment package and it was in there."

Me: "The problem I am having right now has nothing to do with this. I want to take a different course then the one I am signed up for and I am looking for options. I feel like the class can be at least put off until I can figure how to get my prior courses accepted."

Michelle: "You have to complete the math and it is too late for the credit challenge. You have to take the class."

Me: "You know what.... no I don't. I am done with this conversation and I just want you to un-enroll me from this school."

Michelle: "I sent you an email link to a form you have to fill out and then I will process the paperwork."

Me: "Thanks and have an oh so lovely day."

The e-mail was sent 2 hours before I called her so it explains why she was a wee hostile. She never tried to work with me. I spend all day doing my best to work with people that "Never got a bill" and had their insurance lapse so I know everything can be worked around regardless of fault. I was trying to let them find a solution so that they could continue to take a ridiculous amount of money for crappy classes with no actual work on their part. I mean really I do all the reading by myself and I have to wait at least 12 hours for answers to my questions so I am doing it alone and the classes suck. The only thing the do is grade stuff all of the test are graded automatically so it is just the subjective busy work. I should start an online school...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

New Photos

Hey all!
Two posts in one day???? Good lord I am crazy! Don't worry it won't be a new trend. I just wanted to let you know that I have a new photo set up it is called Blossoms and Blue Sky. It has several pictures with my new digital camera. The main focus is tree blossoms but I fit in a great shot of my new SLR camera (the Goodwill one) and a pretty funny sign I spied a while back. Some of the photos are pretty amazing so make sure you check it out.

In other news the Goodwill camera works beautifully. I will share some examples with you later. I am waiting on a cd to be burned for me. the company I took it to had a problem with their burner and neglected to tell me but I can wait I was ecstatic to find out my camera works. I have the prints at home and some were pretty good. My main focus was on taking a roll of film and not really setting up a great shot but I managed a few good shots anyhow.

Don't forget to check out Blossoms and Blue Sky!

My Favorite Comic Strip

Pearls Before Swine is my favorite comic strip at the moment. It is drawn by Stephen Pastis. I am including my favorite of a recent series where pig (who is not an alcoholic) goes to an alcoholics retreat for a vacation and becomes Britney's best friend. Hopefully posting it won't get me in trouble!