Saturday, April 21, 2007

Censorship and a Protest!

I have been censored. I have been plugging away blogging and creating stupid Cafepress items for a year and then I get censored! Can you believe it? You probably want to know why but I can only tell you that two of my most recent images at Cafepress have been put under a red flag status meaning my items with the images can not be shown, sold or produced on any images by that company. The images are for the Repetitive Task Awards schwag! I was given no reason for the trampling of my rights. In fact they never bothered to even let me know they had been pulled from my shop. Not even a "This may violate such in such rule and we are pulling it until we can make a decision as to the validity of your images" email. So I am not sure if they will be cleared or what the big deal is. I have an idea but it only accounts for one of the images. The first on I am about to share is actually the one I don't get. Help me identify something wrong with it...

The second item may be the cause of the ban. I use the company eBay on the shirt. It is pretty innocent though. Judge for yourself!

SO I have decided to poke fun at this by creating a protest shirt. Check it out and then buy it!

Help me fight the man... at least until they pull this one too!


Robert said...

Now this is some funny sh-it! I have to admit that I called in a lot of favors for this, and I probably owe someone now!

Robert said...

My bet is that Cafepress has no idea you created a "spoof" witht he Repetitive Task Awards and they are worried about that in the first illustration.

Michael Williams said...

I should have known my arch-nemesis would be behind this evil plot! Evil Doer stop doing all that evil!

Anyway I don't really see how they couldn't figure out that it was a spoof the first illustration does not make fun of anyone by name!