Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Quick Repetitive Tasks Award Show Update

Due to unforeseen circumstances this show has been delayed but the wait is over! Sunday the awards show shall happen! It will be hosted on this very blog by two of the soon to be fun and exciting characters known as Wolf and Croc! Some of you have met them before and some have not but soon very soon they will be introduced. Try Sunday! Then after that their many adventures should start airing on this very blog! (As long as I figure out how to do that... anyone who knows how to do more then basic html can take part in my newest project. I would love any help or advice! Contact me if you are interested by email or by posting here.) Anyway the awards show has an exciting prize for the winner of each of the following categories. I hope the nominees have their speeches ready. Do not make Wolf or Croc do the speech for you they are notoriously bad at social responsibilities and it may result in embarrassment. In addition to the yet to be revealed prizes I have a yet to be revealed winner and category. If that is not the hook of all hooks! Here are the nominees and their respective categories (betcha can't guess who will win!):

Paying Your Bills Award
Dale W

Bad Music Lover Award
Glenn S

The Night Snorer Award
Maryann S

Daily Showering Award
Pete S

Deleting Spam Emails Award
Pat G (she even has to delete Spam emails at work)

Phone Call Transfer Award
Crystal H (She spent most of a day transferring incoming calls to other departments)



Robert said...

I was thinking the RTA's were dead! Guess I'll have to put the boycott plans back in motion. As a matter of fact, I'll probably set up a memorial bench. and maybe the plaque will read, "Repetitive tasks are just that, repetitive. So give us a break and get a job making movies so you can make a real speech."

Michael Williams said...

Haha I like the spirit behind your protest... I also think that if you feel like giving me money I will make the movie... Then I will spend all my time apologizing for it

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael,
I have just doubled over reading about the benches in the rose garden. I definitely want a memorialized bench probably soooner than later. I think I'll also make one for Grammy. She must be laughing hysterically about this blog if she's internet connected!!

Michael Williams said...

Well thanks ma!

I didn't know you knew how to comment!

dEdward said...

Well, I hope this not to late since I need free stuff. I am honored to be chosen in the Paying your Bills catagory. I have decided since I have finally been recognized for my bill paying skills I can retire from that job. Did you know if you roll bills real tight you can burn them in billburning stove.They can not be open. They burn hot!

Michael Williams said...

Congratulations! You happen to be the only RTA winner this year!!! We would love to hear more about fascinating bill rolling techniques but sadly we are out of time!