Monday, April 23, 2007


Yeah you heard it here first! Amazingly coming back to beat all odds we have a winner of a 2007 Repetitive Task Award! Croc would you do the honors!

Croc: Thank you esteemed creator of me and this silly award show.... I would love to have a winner! I mean I certainly don't hate them for cutting into my beer drinking and pizza eating... not one bit! I swear I am not thinking of eating your chickens and stealing your horse in the middle of the night. Seriously. Anyway for the award of PAYING YOUR BILLS we are proud to announce Dale W as the winner. Wolf is standing by to read you his wonderful Thank you note, take it away Wolf!

Wolf: Thank you Croc! Dale wrote a heartrending acceptance speech that I am pleased to share with you today. Here it is! "Well, I hope this is not to late since I need free stuff. I am honored to be chosen in the Paying your Bills category. I have decided since I have finally been recognized for my bill paying skills I can retire from that job. Did you know if you roll bills real tight you can burn them in a billburning stove. They can not be opened. They burn hot!"

Croc: What? Wait did he just say he burns people named Bill in a stove?

Wolf: Is that what he was on about? I thought he was talking about a bloke named Bill Burningstove that was a real tight wad and never gave money to people.

Croc: Let me read it again.... "Well, I hope this is not too late since I need free stuff and I want to use up all of Croc's pizza and beer money because I am evil incarnate! I am honored to be chosen in the Paying Bill category and the stealing of pizza from the mouths of a starving Croc and ripping thirst quenching beer goodness from his palate. I have decided since I have finally been recognized for my Bill paying skills I can retire from that job because in addition to paying off Bill I have taken away all of Croc's hope and dreams because I am an actual beer thieving demon. Did you know if you roll Bill real tight you can burn him in a Bill burning stove just like the money I ripped from the grasp of Croc's favorite bartender and used to light a cigar with. They can not be opened, much like beer at the store can't be opened if you have no money to buy it. They burn hot just like Croc's beer craving throat!" Yep he is talking about burning Bill and taking away the world's beer one sad little Croc at a time! What a sadist!

Wolf: Yeah that is much worse then what I was imagining he said. So he gets a prize for burning people named Bill in a stove and taking away your beer?

Croc: That's what I was told! That he was the only winner! What a weird group, I think next year I will just wait for the Billboard Music Awards to invite me to be a host! Forget the 2nd annual RTA's! I am going to host for someone who will actually get a Croc a beer and a pizza... and perhaps a few Crockettes!

Wolf: Me Too! Except I want wolfettes and those drinks with the little umbrellas on them.

This Repetitive Tasks Award Ceremony has been brought to you by: Stoves for Burning Bill because that guy is a real jerk! And also to the Reelect Bill Burningstove to US Congress in 2008 campaign because he sure loves not spending your money and everyone needs a tightwad! And the guy who came up with the little umbrellas for your drinks, he loves your patronage so make it a mai tai!

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