Friday, April 27, 2007

Neighbors and my afternoon of AIN'T

It's that wonderful time of year again when the sky is not forecasting rain and the temperature nearly lulls you into never making it back from lunch. In fact today as Chad and I ate at a place called Naked Pizza we had to skip the accompanying beer because we feared that we would never go back to work. I knew that I would run the other direction with a beer, a beautiful day and cute girls walking by. It was hard enough going back with out the sweet nectar of a hop filled beverage! Really really super duper hard. I started daydreaming of my patio, a book and several beers waiting for me when I got off. I could see the perfection, I was totally in the daydream zone. Of course the inevitable happened I got stuck on a call and left twenty minutes late from work. I hit horrible traffic and my perfect day was marred. I made it home still dreaming of a chair, a beer, a book and a patio. Unfortunately the neighbors were outside. They are always outside it seems, being loud and taking up space. The kids I understand but the adults? Do they ever work? I opened the sliding glass door to get the air flowing through and along with a light breeze their voices came along. Sentences peppered with "ain't", ethnic slurs and just really bad grammar. It was a mix of redneck and Ebonics the likes I hope to never hear again. I shut my door and I dealt with the stuffy apartment and as soon as they disappeared I opened the door again but the day was gone, the perfect moment spoiled. On the bright side the cool air helped cool the place down. I started watching an "exciting program" that ended up being a rerun of a show aired two seasons ago that I had seen. Not a rerun of a show from this season which I pretty much have completely missed. No, a rerun that had already ran! I was trying to ease myself into it anyway to achieve the relaxation I had so perfectly envisioned earlier that day when the final nail was driven into this day and this apartment's coffin. A very tumultuous verbal exchange took place between a girl and a guy about another girl that had apparently been sparked by a comment. It was loud distracting and every bad word ever invented found it's way into the conversation, along with a boatload of "ain'ts". I was done. I have said that I am on the lookout for an apartment within a hundred dollars of my current rent. After that fight I meant it, I sent contact letters to places I have scoped out and I have been scoping out a lot more. I am hoping to be closer to work and to the area of town I always end up bar hopping. I figure killing two birds with one stone would be a good move on my part. I need to get away from this area and closer to where my small group of friends live and a place that could be a Max ride or a bicycle ride to as opposed to a mandatory car ride filled with irritation and inept drivers all around me. I plan on apartment hunting a little Sunday. All the office hours seem to work against me so I will probably do most of the searching this Wednesday. So wish me luck. I need to be away from this area and in the big town and closer to people I actually know and like hanging out with.

Another thing I have decided from my Jerry Springer cast that live near me is that I have to stop cussing altogether. I need to relegate it to the surprise exclamations, the pain filled moments and the extreme mental anguish periods. It makes you sound ten times stupider then you normally do and most of us can't afford to lose that many points. :)


A Fan said...

Ooh that sounds like a good plan! How is it going so far

Michael Williams said...

Thanks man! I have definately looked on the internet for some places now I just need to go out and look at them. Thanks for asking Fan.