Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday or disaster deals

I am sitting in the Las Vegas airport with a large beer witnessing Oregon state get demolished by Oregon. I hate this airport. I hate layovers. This lady has a small dog that is going bonkers. I would like to mace her. Speaking of macing people... how about crazy Walmart shoppers? Is it just me or does black Friday seem a little too dangerous? Maced or shot, you can get cheap crap and a bonus gift! It seems to me that Walmart is a lot more dangerous then the other retailers. I am not saying it has anything to do with the degenerates that regularly shop there or the terrible corporate overlords running the place..... But it does. What do you expect with all the hype, limited supply and the short timing of the big discounts? If you say the sale is for 2 hours shouldn't there be enough for that time period? I saw a lot of ads say every store only has 20 of the best deal. So you know that means people will continue to act crazy. Getting maced while trying to get a stupid video game is insane. Getting shot on the way out is even worse. What is wrong with people? How much do you need to save 30 bucks? Walmart claims despite the incidents, the ones that seem to be adding more victims every year, customers were positive about racing through a store for some stupid deal. Except isn't it their responsibility to protect their customers. Shouldn't they indicate more concern? Where is there plan for avoiding future incidents? By the way how is that Oregon greeter who was hospitalized last year after being trampled doing?

Friday, November 04, 2011

The Flu Shot Debacle

I have no movies to review this week. It is not because there were no screenings because I had an opportunity to see 2 or 3 movies this week. The reason I didn't see any movies was because I was sick. I figured I needed to sleep more and be entertained less. As a result this was the longest week filled with very little memories of actual events. I think the kids had fun and I am almost sure they learned a few things. It's just that, I am the one who is hazy on exactly the what, where, when, why and how of what happened this week. Sure I planned and oversaw all activities but I was struggling between exhaustion and the Dayquil fog. Dayquil has the ability to make me feel like I am watching the happenings and not actually participating. The problem with that is I am watching my own happenings and not having a real clear idea of what I am doing. Luckily, there is a part of my brain that is doing what needs to be done so that little part of me that is cluelessly watching can just zone out. If only that made me a better or more patient person....

You might be asking why I am spending time writing about this, when I obviously have nothing new to share. I am very glad you wondered that (and if you didn't I am really glad you are continuing to read). The reason I am writing today is to ask what you think of flu shots. Do you get them? No matter what the answer, why?
If you don't get them: Have you ever got one? What is your reason for not getting them? Do you think they have ever made you sick?
If you do get them: How long have you got them? Why do you get them? Do you think they have ever made you sick?

Here are my experiences with the flu shot. I got one a few years ago (like10) and I immediately came down with something. I swore off them. Then I went back to school to become a teacher and people started singing the praises of flu shots. I was still adamant that I didn't want them and I stuck to my guns. In my 2nd and last year of school (Winter/Spring 2009), my underemployed self came down with a severe flu right before I had to teach for Mad Science. I am sure plenty of kids got that bug from me but it literally hit 10 minutes before I started teaching and by the time I was done I was an achy, snotty, sweaty mess. The materials I had to cart back to the office felt like it weighed 6 times more even though it weighed a few pounds less (we gave them things to take home and make). Anyway it was the worst flu I had ever had. I was shivering under several blankets. It hurt to move, sit, lie down, and stand. I had a fever. I emptied my contents from both ends that evening. It felt like a week of sheer Hell.

When I recovered I was once again reminded by all these people about the benefits of the flu shot. When I was employed as a teacher last year, I got my first flu shot in 9 years. I had a few colds but no flu. So this year I got the free one last Wednesday and by Saturday afternoon I could feel it waiting in my shadow. As the night progressed I knew by morning I would have some kind of illness but I was being positive, it would just be a cold. The next morning it had hit and I felt awful. I went to Williams-Sonoma because I was stubborn but as the class continued to roll I realized I was no longer interested in sampling the free freshly baked pie and that I just wanted to sit down. I ended up sleeping the Sunday away and my body hurt, I had chills and sweats, and I felt feverish. I did not go to the doctor (because I secretly believe the doctors gave me this flu like episode) because they tell you to get rest, drink liquids and give antibiotics that don't work; which means that I am not sure if it really was the flu. Having said that, I am totally sure it was the flu.

So tell me, should I chalk it up to error and gamble on the shot next year? Or should I gamble on no shot and take my chances?