Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New home update

Still surrounded by boxes in my room, it is hard finding the motivation to continue unpacking. I hate unpacking. Yesterday after work my roommate and I rented a few flicks. Then we proceeded to watch them. One was incredibly stupid but had a few funny moments.... Blades of Steel. A Will Ferrell movie about male figure skaters that become an all male pairs team. Has the Napolen Dynamite guy in it as well. Their first skating event as a pairs team is so horrible it is funny. Definately not a smart comedy. The next flick was The Contract. It had Morgan Freeman and John Cusack as the stars of the film so we rented it. It was awful, it had bad writing, bad story development and some super annoying co-stars. Skip this one because I still don't know the point of the movie. I was super disappointed because I expect better flicks from these two actors. Anyway hope everyone is doing well.

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