Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fo' Real??

It's funny.... today we had a fire drill at work. It was right between calls for me so no big deal at all. We all filed out and hung around outside for ten minutes. When we all started filing back in I chose the stairs and some chose to wait for the elevator. I was walking behind a few co-workers and they, like me, are a wee bit larger then health experts feel we ought to be. Anyway they were talking and complaining about having to walk up the stairs when one of them said "Well at least we got some exercise in." So I thought to myself this is precisely why we have a weight problem in America. If that lady thought this one time of not going by elevator to the third floor was adequate exercise I would hate to see her really exercise. To be fair, we are in a call center environment, which for the non-call center people out there means that for the greater majority of the day you are to await calls at your desk. We don't move a lot. When I first put on my pedometer I discovered my average work day was under 3000 steps if I did not take little walks at break. That is with me taking the stairs and not the elevator. Which means we basically take in food and sit on our butts all day and never burn what we take in. So we are all getting larger. This is corporate America. This is what we have brought down upon ourselves. Sad really. So I take walks at breaks and when I can I do so at lunch but if I do anything but eat there is no time. Then I make myself walk a little at home. The running is on hold at the moment. I am getting blisters regularly and I have been too broke to get new shoes to see if that will stop the fricking blisters, any suggestions?

Oh, in an unrelated point I put in for a new position at work and have a phone interview tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Well keep doing what ever it is that you do.


Robert said...

Good luck witht he interview!

you should invest in some good socks for running. I'll have to cehck but I have a favorite brand. I am not a fan of the dual layer Right (sp?) socks. You could also try mole skin or vaseline.

Michael Williams said...

I bought some socks that I like when I am running but I wouldn't be opposed to trying something else. I don't even know what mole skin is. Vaseline on the toes? Sounds like this might be on the wrong blog... hehe

Robert said...

Mole skin is a pad you can buy at any Walgreen's, Target, etc around the band-aid section. It is basically a square piece of tape wtih a super fine felt like lining on the other side. You cut it to your desired shape and place it over the area where the friction is occuring.

As for vaseline, it is gross but it does work. It is also messy, as I'm sure you guessed.

I hope your socks aren't cotton?

Michael Williams said...

No the socks I use for running are that weird wicking stuff and not cotton. I think I have used moleskin before and may still have some.