Monday, July 03, 2006

My weekend

I had a great weekend. The days are just filled!

Friday was my day to head to Washington and get my Washington Insurance License. That occupied the afternoon. My dad had come up to help transport me since I am very broke. After we got done with that business and were back in Portland we decided to stop by this joint called Cascade'. It is a pipe and cigar shop with a bar attached. We picked out two Acid cigars and sat in the bar drinking a few glasses of beer and enjoying the cigar. It was very pleasant. We decided that after stoppping for lunch at Burgerville during our trip North that we actually needed a good meal. Burgerville sucks by the way...

So we headed to Winco Foods and bought steaks, sweet potatoes, green beans and some icecream for desert. I put them on my teeny tiny grill and had hardly any room for air to come in and keep the fire going. I managed to cook them anyway and we had a very good meal. After way too many stupid television shows I realized it was way past my bedtime. I had to work my call center job the next morning and the time I start is 5 am.

The next day after I got off work I went home and took a quick nap and then got up and decided to drag my dad along to Powell's City of Books so I could sell some books. I was hungry and so was he so we shopped at a spot called Philadelphia's for a cheese steak sandwich. It was damn good. Then we wandered around an IGA. After that we headed to Powell's and I made a few bucks on a few books I had brought. Usually he finds a book and settles down for a while but today he was looking ready to go which was fine with me because Powell's is a wee bit too large for me to comfortably shop. I wanted to drag him around town but had no idea where to go. We went to the central library and I showed him the old books they have a display of. Some books date back to the 1400's. I was still not sure what to do so we wandered around until I got a brainstorm. We would head to Henry's Tavern for a couple beers. We both had an excellent beer called Hoegaarden. Then we individualized our orders. He had a Boddington's and I had a Pilsner Urquell. After a while we decided to head towards home. It was still plenty early so I asked him what he wanted to do and he said go to Barne's & Noble. This made me laugh a little considering we had went to Powell's and a library. Apparently my dad likes certain bookstores. We stayed until 10 which once again got me to bed later then was prudent for my job's start time.

On Sunday, after I had a disastrous morning in which I wasted gas and lost an hour of work time because I left my f'ing headset at home and I went back to get them, I was ready for our trip to a Dim SUm place. If you have never had Dim Sum you are missing out. Certain Chinese restaurants offer Dim Sum, usually on weekends. They prepare a special style of food that usually comes in quantities of 3 to 5 pieces. A lot of the items are steamed and include fish and shrimp. There are a lot of wonderful flavors and it is something to experience and unfortunately a bit hard to relate. Dim Sum was extremely good and I was very satisfied. At this point we seperated he headed back home and I went to my home to sleep the day away. I was exhausted.

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