Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow Day!

It finally really snowed here in Portland. All the talk about snow and ice the last 2 Winters and I finally see that it can snow here. It was snowing pretty good but the schools claimed to be open and the job were open so I headed out to go to work and embarked upon the worst, best, and most entertaining ride of my life. It took me an hour and 15 minutes to throw in the towel. I was not making it to work today no matter how hard I tried. Well not in my car at least and I was not close enough to walk. I attempted putting on chains and even after getting the damn things on I could not make it up the hill that was in my way. I managed to get my car turned around so I headed home and went for a walk and when I got back from my walk they finally decided to close the call center I work at. I wonder how many people made it in before that decision was made.I wonder how many peope had accidents because they wouldn't close the call center I almost had 5 and two would have been my fault. Luckily both times I angled myself into a sidewalk curb which stopped me from hitting anything else. If you want to see the pictures I have them online at this spot: http://www.angelfire.com/droid/crazedlunatikdesigns/snow_day/


Robert said...

There was a personal video they showed on the news in Chicago last night of Portland. This guy was standing on his balcony filming the cars on the street below. There were 15 accidents... It was pretty funny because these poor people had ablsolutely no control.

Michael Williams said...

Yeah I saw the video. It was awesome watching these people careen into each other he said he only was taping for like ten minutes and then he decided to head up the hill and try to divert the traffic. I was trying to find it to link it to my blog. I haven't found it yet.