Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A View of Vancouver From Above

These shots were taken while at the Vancouver Lookout at Harbour Centre. It had some spectacular views. It seemed a little pricey but I liked looking down into the city it was neat.

Due to Speed constraints I have added a new slide show here as a link only. This is an additional Vancouver BC slide show. It is a few that did not fit either of the already posted slide shows. It is called VANCOUVER BC REPRESENT! The link is:

It has a few pictures of the road up including an upside down Pete, and yes I did have the camera upside down when I took it and I was aware of that. It also has a few pictures from our stop at the Steamworks Brewery in Vancouver, a highlight of the trip, the hostess they have is absolutely gorgeous and the beer is good. It also has a few pics at the Border. Enjoy!

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