Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What Day Is It?

Well I finally did it. It was a highly anticipated event by many of my faithful readers as there was a gambling pool on when it would happen. I think you all know the story. I have alluded to it for a while.

I agreed to move to Idaho and try my hand at potato farming! Or is it potatoe farming, former vice-president Dan? I am sure some of you are shocked but they offered me 2.5 cents per spud and promised me a .40 acre farm with a horse (Anybody want to be a horse?) pulled tractor. No sane potato loving farmer could pass that up. I will be moving next Tuesday if anyone wants to help. I promise a box of potatoes for those that help to arrive sometime within the next season. When I first get there I am going to live in a rabbit burrow. I hear it is very roomy if you are the size of a rabbit. I figure I am not taller then Bugs Bunny by my estimates and that should work fine besides he always looked like he had a pretty cushy set up. I hear the burrow has cable! I hear rabbits are very tidy people... I am very excited about this great opportunity! I better go pack!


Anonymous said...

The femmes in Idaho are even uglier then the ones here....choose carefully Michael!

Hugh Heffner

Michael Williams said...

That would probably explain why Elmer Fudd was always so in Love with Buggs in drag.