Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A few emails

So the other day I get this email:

From: (Name Withheld)
Subject: Your Blog

What is the deal? You were on some crazy writing bent and everytime I logged in there was something to read! Now I have not seen a post at all this month! What is the deal here?! I am very upset at the lack of maintaining the blog... it was part of my routine. Everyday I was here! You better start writing again or you are off the Christmas list!

Yours truly,
(Name Withheld)

Well I am glad you are an avid reader but I know you are lying. If you were on everyday you would not have something new to read everyday. I only posted 7 times last month. Thanks for being a liar Mr. Lying Liarpants! Anyway I promise I am working on a story to post. I have written 2 but they suck so I am waiting until I get inspired or when I am procrastinating on my homework.

In other news my cousin is running in his third marathon this year. He has decided to be a charity runner this year and is raising money. I have decided to try and help him. I am enclosing the email he sent out in this post, check it out and hopefully you feel motivated to donate. Here is the email:

Dear family & friends,

Six hours and six minutes, followed a year later by five hours and thirty-seven minutes. These were my times for completing my first 2 Chicago Marathons. I am attempting my third on October 12th. While I won’t be breaking any records, I am hoping to raise money as a charity runner.

This year I have decided to make the marathon more meaningful by becoming a charity runner. I have signed up to raise funds for Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association ( They are an Illinois organization that assists individuals with disabilities participate in sports through numerous camps, clinics, competitions, and events.

I am looking for your support in setting a personal record (hopefully under 5 hours) and achieving a $1,000 fundraising goal. Please help by contributing at my online fundraising site or mailing a check directing to GLASA. Don’t forget to check if your employer provides matching for charitable contributions! Your contribution will dramatically impact this local organization’s impact in our backyard.

Online Contributions:

Mail-in Contributions:
400 E. Illinois Road
Lake Forest, IL 60045
Memo line of check – Chicago Marathon, Robert Waddell


Robert Waddell

Anyway, until next time!

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