Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Cards!!

Here is the thing, I send out Christmas cards and I have a fun time making up silly stories to put in them. I want to send you a Christmas card but I can't. I NEED your address! Send your mailing address to crazedlunatik@gmail.com so that my card can find a good home.

In case you are on the fence about getting card from me let me share a few of the topics I have written about this year. Enraged rabbits taking over the world, a monkey construction company in the making, conversation with a ferret, a twist on the lottery scam letter and a Nigerian scam letter. Here is the Nigerian Scam letter for your enjoyment:

This letter may come as a shock to you as we have never met. I am Mutubu Gumubo of the Nigerian National Bank. Last year, a fellow by the name of Michael Williams was in Nigeria working for the Nigerian Oil Conservance Coalition when he was murdered in the streets. We have looked high and low for his family and relatives but have found no one. Upon further study of Mr. Williams's past, we found your name as a former co-worker of his. By way of a totally and completely legitimate Nigerian law this connection is enough for you to inherit all he had. The paperwork has already begun we just need your response to complete the process.

Unlike most Americans working abroad, Mr. Williams did not die with a lot of money or assets. What he died with was a wallet containing one US dollar and over 700 billion dollars in debt. Please contact us soon to set up a payment schedule.

Yours truly,
Mutubu Gumubo
Debt Collector
Nigerian National Bank

See what fun that was? The cards get zanier as I go, get your limited edition Christmas card today! No card is exactly the same, all are spontaneously written and contain hardly any facts or reality. There will be no silly recitation of this year's events! Simply made up stories to bring you Christmas cheer!

EMAIL ME YOUR MAILING ADDRESS!!!!! crazedlunatik@gmail.com


Robert said...

Totally unrelated. I know your a fan of Malcom Gladwell's previous books. He just came out with a new book, Outliers.

Michael Williams said...

Thanks for the heads up. My mom showed me the new book when I was in Phoenix. Have you read it? I want to get it but it will have to wait..... boo!

Robert said...

I haven't read it yet but want to. I liked one of his books significantly more than the other but I don't recall which. I will definitely read this one but don't know when.

Michael Williams said...

Yeah it is on my list of 'definitely read' as well