Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Hi all!

Yesterday was a bad day to be a celebrity. Farrah Fawcet dies, Ed McMahon dies and then out of nowhere Michael Jackson dies. I can't say that I am overly sad about any of these people passing away but I felt I needed to share a good Michael Jackson memory. I loved this music video/mini-movie when I was little. I remembered it's premiere. It's too bad Michael Jackson kept getting weirder because he used to be brilliant. R.I.P Michael. Hope you stop having to deal with people being ignorant. I wonder if any of you get the "That's ignorant." reference....

I hope the others rest in peace as well.

Enjoy watching Thriller! It is still super awesome!

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Michael Williams said...

I feel strangely unfazed by Michael's departure. I guess I am dwelling on it now because I know that I have been such a fan of his music and videos for so long. I remember watching all the special television debuts of his super creative videos. I have several of his albums including a greatest hits album (though which one it is I am not sure... I think it is Number Ones), Thriller, Dangerous and Invincible. I feel like I might even have Off the Wall but if I do it was probably lost with my computer crash as I got that one online from iTunes.

Anyway I am a fan of his music but I can't say that I have cared for him in the last few years. He has been out of the spotlight for the most part although I heard he was planning a tour but the news seemed to be done paying much attention to him. The last time attention was paid to him there was a lot of bad things happening. Like his criminal cases; the allegations of child molestation that he was acquitted of. Then there were the weird marriages and the kids, especially the third child who was born from a surrogate mother.... that was never named. It was all weird stuff and everytime he was seen in public he was doing something stupid. Dancing on cars on the way to court, going to court in pajamas, puttin things over his children's faces to obscure them from viewers, and dangling a baby out the window. Then his freakish appearance that kept getting stranger and stranger while he insisted he wasn't having plastic surgery except for a couple to help him breathe. The fact of the matter was he looked a lot like his scary counterpart in the Thriller video except worse some how. Of course he had a bad heart considering what he put his body through. Anyone would have a bad heart if they allowed themselves to go under the knife that many times. The weird thing is that at some point the surgeries went from a weird vanity to a necessity. Several of the last few surgeries were to repair damages and save his life.

It is a weird legacy to leave behind and one that makes it hard to mourn his passing. Of course plenty of people are mourning him and if you are one pay no heed to my slightly uncaring words. I have decided instead to simply take the time to remember the good things like the Thriller video and a lot of his awesome songs. Thanks for leaving us with some great stuff, MJ. I will try not to think of all the weird crap you were entrenched in.