Monday, March 08, 2010

A few Quick Reviews

I am up and awake....

I am heading to Phoenix tonight and I have an entire day to kill. So I thought I should write a little note on here.

I recently watched The Crazies at the theater and I was entertained. It was not terrifically original but it was predictably fun. The government is the boogie man in this flick, which tracks well considering the original film (yes this is a remake) was created by George Romero. I have not seen the original but I plan to. The government has unwittingly created a biological weapon that can't be stopped. Some how, which they do reveal, a small town gets infected. People sometimes ask me why I don't like small towns and this is one of the reasons, because a lot of movies like this take place in small towns. Small towns are evil or at the very least unlucky. Anyway we follow David Dutton, the town sheriff, as he works out what is going on. Of course by then it is too late. The government swoops in and starts weeding sick people out and cattle carting the rest away. Sheriff Dutton's wife does not make the cut. Of course she is pregnant and has an elevated temperature from a cold that she had had for about a month. So she is wrongly sorted and Sheriff Dutton goes to save her. This is midway through the story and the rest of the story is their efforts to survive (duck the trigger happy military and the equally trigger happy infected people) and get back to the government evacuation area. I would recommend this flick to people who like this type of cinema. Try not to see it at the 12 dollar ticket price, shoot for the matinee (I saw it for 5).

I also saw Shutter Island in theaters. I would have to say I liked this movie but I can't fully endorse it. Even though I liked it, I felt like it needed a little more there. It feels like it was lacking something but I felt like the actors were all doing their best in it. It wasn't the actors and the plot seemed twisty enough but there is some piece missing. I have no idea what the missing piece is but the more I think on it the more I realize that I wanted more from the movie. In this movie, Leonardo is a US Marshall coming to Shutter Island to find an escaped patient. Apparently Shutter Island is a home for the dangerously insane people and that is why the missing person is such a big deal. Of course, upon arriving a storm settles in and they are trapped there until it subsides. Everybody seems to be hiding something and the further in we get the less benign every encounter seems. It was a highly entertaining movie and it works on a lot of levels. If I could just shake the vague feeling of disappointment I would definitely tell you to see it.


Observe and Report: I only made it 15 minutes in before I just gave up. Skip it.
Land of the Lost: Wow....... this movie doesn't even come up to the level of suck. Skip it.

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