Thursday, October 05, 2006

Life, learning, living and poetry

It seems I have forgotten the blog. A new job and a new scholarly pursuit and the blog gets the back burner treatment. The new job is great, the people are nice and it seems like something I can do. I especially like that it is actually paying me a wee bit of money. I plan on working there for a while and trying out other departments. I know that it will be the usual call center environment where you have to strap in and hold on. The thing that works is that I am not selling people anything. I am just trying to help them out.

That brings me to the scholarly pursuit. I enrolled in the Art Institute for the Media Arts and Animation degree. It is online so everyday after work I come home and do my homework. That has been a lot of fun. There are a variety of people that populate the online learning environment and so far I have found them all pretty interesting. I think I will be able to learn something from the people I am taking the class with. Some of them have a lot of experience in the industry and some just seem to like to draw. Anyway I jumped in head first so I hope I made a good choice. We shall see where all the cards fall.

I have been writint a little bit every day. So even though I am not on here I am still writing. I wanted to share something with you:

The Slow Down

The soft rays of the setting sun cling desperately to the earth,
Things are left half in shadow, my balcony railing, my arms and my legs
The other half glows in the soft yellow sunlight of a day nearing its end
The weather betrays no trace of the changing seasons
Sunny, warm and bright: 3 words that completely describe this day
Wind rustles through the leaves of the still very green trees
Creating a soft shushing sound like a mother calming her baby
I watch and hear it all
As the Sun's rays turn a glowing orange
Before descending into the darker colors of night


Anonymous said...

hey mike!!

i like the poem, that is awesome you are writing again. i wanted to see if you knew about the writers almanac. they have garrison keillor on there every day reading poetry, and you can check it out on realaudio at this link.

if you knew him, cool, if not there it is. if you hate it, well, you didnt have that much taste anyway.


Mike said...

Thanks for the tip Kev!
That seems like a pretty cool site. When and how did you find it?

I recognize Garrison but I don't know why.

And screw you and your taste! Jerk


Anonymous said...

we listen to the classical music station in the morning and i found him there. NPR man. its a small segment, but i thought it was cool. i had just found the web site about the time i read that you are writing again. quite fortuitous, i think.

and dont get bad with me, biatch. you could get served.


Mike said...

I could get served? What? Are we having a dance competition here? Are you voltar?

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Mike said...

You know it would make fun for me Franco! I would love income for life. Thanks for asking. Where is the money?