Saturday, August 09, 2008

My Vocabulary Activity

So in school one of the things we are doing as a group is creating a unit plan. Each of us are responsible for one lesson. I did the lesson about the various body parts that make up an insect and my team mates are doing other insect lessons. Another task is to come up with a vocabulary activity and I decided to share with you my vocabulary activity so that you can all be glad not to be in my class while I teach you about insects.

Acrostic Poem Madness
What is an Acrostic Poem?
An Acrostic poem is a poem that takes a word and lines it up horizontally. Then uses each letter of the word to start a new word or sentence related to the word itself.
An example of an Acrostic Poem:

I stepped on an insect this morning and
Not even a startled cry escaped it’s mouth.
Surely it was not happy to be stepped on,
Even though I swear it was a totally unintended accident.
Crunch! Was the only sound it made.
There was no time for a burial, because I had to get to school.
(Mr. Williams, 2008)

The Assignment:
Pick a word for the vocabulary list and turn it into your very own acrostic poem. Using a separate sheet of paper write the word horizontally. You can brainstorm ideas to help you pick sentences or words for your poem. Helping your fellow students is ok as is asking for a little help from your mean ol’ teacher.
Vocabulary Words:
abdomen, antennae, anthropod, entomologist, exoskeleton, insect, invertebrates, thorax, and vertebrate

A good question would be what demented child would pick invertebrates?

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