Friday, September 19, 2008

The Grainery: Enter the Underground

Part 2
As the sun set Scott sat watching the shadows stretch across his body. The sun burned that weird orange color as it set, the color that compelled you to look and admire the way it painted the sky. The sun had a beautiful pallette on hand tonight, the colors dazzled. He found part of himself annoyed as he felt an overwhelming apathy at the idea of the impending darkness falling and the underworld finding him here. He wasn't afraid of the dark and he wasn't afraid of any threat lurking in the darkness. At the same time he wasn't a fatalist or suicidal, of course anyone who watched him now might think he was. The grainery had an unsavory reputation and good people steered clear of it when the sun set. People that looked, dressed and spoke like Scott usually stayed away from this place in the daylight but Scott was not really one of those people. He could survive in the unseemly underbelly of this city's depravity. He used to do more then survive it but Gwen had talked him out of that life. He had made a lot of waves by giving up his life and pursuing another but Scott was strong. He was even successful in his new life, he just happened to no longer be happy with it.

So here he sat, about to do what he had promised Gwen he would never do. Of course that promise was made when she had been with him and he had made the promise because all he wanted was her. Without her he did not feel bound by words he had spoke after she had promised him they would have forever together. He felt tears threaten to boil up to the surface. He choked them down and stood up. It was time.

He pushed the chained door of the grainery's entrance and it opened wide enough for him (and probably 3 other people) to fit through. He slinked in and headed to the steps that lead down. He walked down the winding steps and the wafting scent of the underworld assaulted his nose. He almost felt like home when the bizarre mixture of spices and mildew hit his nose. He stopped on a step to breathe in the scents. If he walked down another flight of stairs he would be officially back. People might not be happy to see him but what was different about that. Scott had always been good at reading people and he had never been in danger when this had been his life. He knew what the people he was with would do even before they did, it was like a sixth sense. It had only one blindspot and that had been Gwen. He never knew what she was going to do which is why he had been so devastated when he came home to find her completely gone. Every posession had been removed from their... his apartment. He pushed that thought to the back of his mind as he stealed himself to go down those last few steps.

When he reached the bottom he looked up to the metal doors before him. Knowing their were armed sneaks watching his every move and that everyone behind that door already knew he was there. He let a smile creep onto his face for just a moment. Then he let the expressionless mask slip into place, it felt like an old friend. His face felt normal like this. He felt in control again. He pushed the doors open and entered the swirling masses of those that were the underground.

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