Saturday, September 20, 2008

The haps

Hey all!

I have been feeling a wee bit stressed this month. I want to have a job so bad that I have been talking to insurance companies again... which is questionable considering the current market. Anyway I had 3 interviews with a company that sells supplemental life and health policies to union members. I was excited because I figured I had landed a job but they said they would call Friday afternoon and they didn't so I guess I struck out.Which is probably a sign to go back to plan a which was to land a job in the education realm. Yeah, it won't pay like the insurance gigs but it will get me some much needed experience. So I am gearing up to make an honest and dedicated run at those jobs.

The thing that is complicating the hunt and intensifying my need to land a job is that I also need to move. My roomie is moving to Boston at the end of the month and we gave notice to be out by October 5th. I am not having any luck finding an apartment in my price range in any of the places I want to live. So I may have to move out into a suburb again and I really don't like that idea. Oh well.

Other then that I have written two installments to add to The Grainery. The 2nd section appeared yesterday and the third will appear this afternoon. I have not started on the 4th piece but I will soon.

Oh and I have joined up with Facebook recently and I spend way too much time running around there. I like it way better then MySpace because I do not get random friend request from girls that want me to join there porn site. If you are on there or about to join, look me up. We can become Facebook friends!

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EdieS said...

Do Americorps. Seriously, it does not pay jack but you will get a reward at the end and it's worthwhile- very good for the resume for teaching!