Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Updating the update

I am now moved and the unpacking is going forth as planned. I ended up moving in Saturday instead of Tuesday which was a huge relief. I will take some photos and share the new place with you as soon as I get a chance.

The job was a disaster and I decided the best move was to not pursue it any longer. Some lies were told to me when I interviewed and they soon were uncovered when I started working. It is for the best but it makes everything a little harder.

I am pretending I understand my school assignment about doing reading assessment with some kid but I am at a loss for what is expected of m. I have found a kid to torture but I am not sure what I should do. Of course I am meeting the kid tomorrow morning. Joy.

I am going to try to write section 4 of the grainery tonight. So hopefully I can post it tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey Michael,
What grade and age of kid are you assessing? You could contact his school, and talk to the Title 1 or IEP instructors on what their assessments consist of...?
(Basically any school has a Title 1 team. I'm not sure what Title 1 is exactly, but the grade school my kids go to was recently transformed into a Title One school, which probably means more government funding...but also means that they get more individualized teaching. (Hope that helps....but yanno, I bet you do KNOW exactly what ya need to uh maybe my suggestions are just ramblings to ya ...)
ADP is hiring..Yeah, it probably is a call center setting, but it sounds like the start up pay might be alright.

Robert said...

Where are the pics? Are you still in Portland or did you have to move to the 'burbs?

Amelia said...

Hey Michael sorry to hear the job didn't work out. I am starting at us bank on Monday as a collections agent. It's a bummer when the tell you one thing and then you find out that isn't true at all.


Michael Williams said...

Wow how did I miss 3 comments. Oh yeah I have been busy. Sorry about that. Let me respond ot each of you all in one swipe.

I am working with a cute little second grader. I am doing reading assessments that are given to us in my class and I finally foun d some of them. Title 1 just means the school gets extra funding to help the kids with special learning needs.

Thanks for the job tip. I may look into them soon.
Thanks, Mike

I finally posted the pics.... they are above this post. I am in the city still. It is a good location because I am near downtown and within the fareless square (meaning I can use public transportation for free around that area).
Thanks, Mike

Thanks for the job sympathy. I think I should have known better but I was having nightmares of having to live in a cardboard box. Which means I might have been partially at fault for not paying more attention although that does not get them off the hook for lying.

Good luck on your new gig. Collections is a hard road. I tried it once (what haven't I ried at this point?) but I couldn't do it. Hopefully they are not too delinquent. When I was doing it I had a lot of hurricane Katrina victims as it was not quite a year after that happened. They were like "I don't have a job, I'm in a FEMA trailer, I don't have nothing how am I supposed to pay you!?" It sucked. I am a little too much of a pushover... it might be because I have been on that side getting all the calls and I hated myself for making the calls.