Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busy Bee

Well.... this week has been long but it's not over yet! I am taking a breather from the homework I am doing to write a note. An update if you will.

I wanted to share what is new. I am volunteering with Oregon Music Live tomorrow (Saturday) while they are shooting a local band called The Slants. I am not real clear on what I will be doing yet but I am ready to help in anyway I can. I plan to take a few classes at the PCM building so that maybe I can try a little camera or sound work next time. PCM is Portland Community Media and they have several stations up here that broadcast shows. So... Public Access. Think Wayne's World. I am not sure they would really pursue the connection but my brother mentioned that when I told him what I was doing this weekend. As far as the classes go... they cost money so I won't probably do too many of them in the near future but I may take a class on camera work.

Of course Sunday is the Superbowl and the Cardinals are in it! Wow! I am still in shock, it just sees unreal. I am looking forward tot he game although I have yet to really nail down a plan for viewing it. I may end up watching at home this year.

Another interesting little thing that happened this week was I got hooked up to volunteer time at a place called Free Geek. They take computers and electronic donations and salvage all usable parts (unusable parts get sorted into the proper recycling sections) and build refurbished computers to sell to people who can't afford a flashy new one. What is even better than that is they have several different ways that volunteering can result in a computer every year. I am not really needing a computer at the moment so I am not doing it for the computer, just for the chance to volunteer at something different and perhaps take advantage of some free tech education courses. Who knows maybe I will need a computer one day. They use Linux on the refurbished computers and I am interested in learning more about Linux, which is almost reason enough for me to contribute hours and accept a computer. Of course, ultimately I want people that need a cheaper computer to be able to get one and I don't need one just to satisfy my curiosity.

I am still tutoring at NELA on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, although I have only proofread one paper so far. Deadlines for scholarships are coming up and they are expecting some heavy flow of traffic and helpers will be needed. That will be good. I am also teaching English to Adult Language Learners.... but this week the freak snow storm caused a lot of trouble so I did not make it in. I will be doing that again this week... I hope it goes well.

Mad Science is nearing this session's end and we are signing up for next session. I, of course, forgot to turn in my availability form today and will need to drop it by Monday. Of course I actually have a few requests to make in regards to the schedule... To further add to my fun I was evaluated this week and it was a choppy experience. I can only improve. The good thing is that after watching my class today I am still being asked to teach in the next session. I have a lot to work on though as I was unhappy with my performance today in general let alone because it was being evaluated. If the evaluation had not taken place I would have still been irritated with my performance today and been figuring out how to do in the very near future (next week).

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