Monday, January 26, 2009

A day on the phone...

The job market is steadily getting worse and there is no real end in sight. Everyone is starting to buckle down and tighten their belts. People in jobs are hoping to at least stay in a job. Those without jobs are wishing they were in one. As more people join us in the unemployment line the phone line to the unemployment office is over run. I have been calling all morning to get qualified for an extension of benefits but I keep getting a message that all circuits are busy. Makes you wonder why the unemployment insurance office isn't hiring. After all it seems to be the only booming business. So while I endlessly redial, hoping to get through, I figured I should write a new entry.

This is a year of redefiniton. As companies pilot themselves into a black pit and then whimper for the government to bail them out, the people are left to fend for themselves. I am glad that we are bailing out companies and that some people get to stay employed. What I don't get is why no one seem to be talking about keeping these companies accountable. It seems like they need to redesign their business and start thinking of ways to dig themselves out of the pit they dove into, while blindfolded and drunk. Of course I am a nobody. Just some unemployed jerk watching mismanagement get rewarded and the general public get penalized. It's funny how many people are worried about illegal immigrants and the benefits they get when we turn around and hand out billions to companies who should have known better. Getting back to the fact that I am a nobody.... the only thing I can change is myself and what I do in this world. Just because I am currently underemployed and have not heard back from any company I applied to, last response I recieved was in November. It was Mad Science.... So I am not getting a lot of looks from companies, even ones I am perfectly qualified to work for. I need to reinvent who I am and what roads I can walk. Hence the volunteering gigs I keep mentioning. I am currently working with 3 different groups and trying to expand to 4 (maybe 5). I have no experience in any of the areas I am volunteering, I am merely learning as I go. I am not content to sit about any longer. I need to be busy, even if I am not getting paid.

The phone message still says the same thing "All circuits are busy right now". Hopefully I will get this taken care of by tomorrow evening. I could really use my government handout. Bills need to be paid.

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