Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Blog on Words

I have recently decided to suggest some made up words for regular use. They may seem odd at first but I think they will grow on you. It's not like all the words we use everyday are normal. Someone came up with them too!

Astonirate – When something rates very high in the astonishing category. “3-D movies have the power to astonirate, sometimes, like in Legend of the Guardians, you are astonirated at how pointless the movie was. Other times you are astonirated at how cool it was. Then there are the times where a astonirative movie is seen without 3-D and it is merely a colorful mess (Avatar).”

Astonirative - an adjective that means something that is astonishing.

Moo-rific – Vegan friendly, no cows were harmed or used in the making of something. In rare cases this term can be used to signify a triumphant cow, ie., Chicfila’s cow friendly campaign (the cows are winning). “This tofurkey is moo-rific!”

Sucktacular – When something is at the level of sucking that makes your brain hurt. “Legend of the Guardians was sucktacular!”

Sucktastic – See definition of sucktacular. “Legend of the Guardians was sucktastic.”

Vaughnified –When a movie stars Vince Vaughn he tends to talk a lot and very fast. He is kind of like the male version of the Gilmore girls but with the added benefit of actually being funny. “The movie Wedding Crashers was successfully Vaughnified.”


Anonymous said...

I have read other reviews that the same opinion about the new show that you do.

Michael Williams said...

What are you talking about? These are my made up words... why are you talking about a new show? I think you might not have read anything