Monday, October 11, 2010

A Rambling Review of Legend of the Guardians

I don't know what this movie was going for. There are some owls and they like fight and stuff. I am not sure why they were fighting. I just know who ever was responsible for this monstrosity was more interested in 3-D and computer generated crap then having a story. Either way I will tell you what I know about the "story."

Some lame owl kid is obsessed with some legendary hero. His older brother is so not in to the legend crap (neither was I). With a barely explained legend the movie gets started. The 2 brothers fall out of the tree and get wisked away by bad owls. The bad owls convince the bad brother to hang but the good owl runs away with another owl. Then they get 2 other owls and a snake (which was random) to go with them to find some legendary guardian owls. The good owls of course find it and then the guardian owls go back to fight the bad owls. Of course the guardian owls have a traitor in their midst and it is up to the lame good brother to go with his merry band of rejects to save the day. The lame owl still thinks his brother is there against his will and almost dies because of it. Yet he saves the day after dropping his brother in a random forest fire. Everyone thinks he is the bee's knees including his parents which proves parents secretly have a child they could care less about their other child slaughtering.

The 3-D and computer rendering were awesome but there was no story at all. I have no idea why they were fighting nor why the "good guys" were so blood thirsty. either way skip this movie it is a total suck bucket of lameness.

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