Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Money (pt. 7)

It was kind of amazing when I got to the car that I had avoided getting hit again because I was still giggling and the van man looked mad. I felt like explaining that it wasn't his ridiculous lisp that I was laughing at but that I was laughing at congratulating myself on not laughing at his completely unbelievable lisp. It occured to me that the explanation might make him angrier. When he pushed me into the car I stopped giggling. I realized that I was in an entirely different car then the one I had previously seen him in. He joined me in the car and we left the volcano behind and my manic giggling had stayed behind with it. I was almost sure the kid in the stroller we passed had possession of it as he giggled at his father's funny faces. I felt like I could no longer move my body let alone giggle nonstop.

"I thon't afpprethathe you lathing ath me! I hath owal sutherthy thith morning! Ith noth my faulth." Inside I laughed but on the outside I couldn't even blink. "Tho to avoith unnethathy anger I thoughth I thood thrug you while I ethplainth." Luckily for me as he started talking his speech either got better or my brain had learned to understand mush mouth.

"The name is Charlie. I know it sounds like a typical thuggish name but I am actually in school to be a doctor. I want to help people most of the time when I'm not doing things for the boss. Most of the time the people I come across deserve to be roughed up a little. Most of the time these people are the scum of the earth. The leaches of our society. I know it sounds like I don't actually want to help people but when I put on those scrubs my brain shifts gears. I finally have a reason to care! It might simply be vanity, the whole not wanting to fail thing, but it feels nice to care. I don't really give a damn what you did that got you in this situation. I was asked to bring you to the boss and that is what I am doing. You seem like a different sort then who usually gets dragged to the boss but what do I know. So, loser, what is your story?"

I managed to blink but I couldn't even turn from the window. He turned my face towards him.

"Damn it! I must of given you too much. I read that whole book and passed those damn test and still managed not to give the right dose! Oh well. Where was I..... oh yeah. I am becoming a doctor to help people. I.... well I'm just a good person. I deserve to get a lot of money for it. Of course a lot of the real money is now in the past. A lot of doctors, that specialize in crazy procedures, barely make six figures! Damn government needs to stay out of health care. My mom told me I should be a lawyer but, even though I love her, she was a raving moron. Lawyers are scum! I mean who wants to be a lawyer?"

My silence on the topic made him frown so he went back to talking. He seemed to really have expected an answer. Maybe my paralysis had made me miss a chance to really bond with my kidnapper.

"You see I knew the boss through his kid and I used to always be a round eating his food...."

I went on mental auto-pilot and blissfully thought about nothing as he spoke. I was granted sweet relief when a bump in the road made me slump over and when he pushed me back to a sitting position my face was turned towards the window again. The scenery and his soothing drone felt almost reassuring, all the alarming thoughts I could sense were inside me seemed to have been paralyzed by the drug too. All I knew for those 3 hours was bliss.

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