Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Give An Ear: My Recent Podcast Exploration

I have been listening to a lot of podcasts lately; more than I usually do. I have been a long time Adam Carolla listener. I have also listened to years of the Stuff You Should Know, Stuff They Don't Want You To Know and Stuff You Missed in History Class for just as long. I have become a big fan of the Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend podcast. I stopped looking for new stuff about the time ARIYNBF hit my iPod. I had a few other podcasts disappear on me or I lost interest in. I found that I love listening to things but I am not a talk radio guy because I have grown accustomed to the long form interview and discussion of podcasts. I have found that they can actually make you think about things you hadn't considered. They can push you to try something, learn something or to blaze your own path despite obstacles.

I was listening to Adam Carolla one day and I realized I knew the story he would tell and what direction the conversation would go. The show had changed over the years and a few things that drove me insane ended up sticking. I liked how he originally started where he dug into what made a person who they are now. He really went after the journey and that was what hooked me. I can't stand the live drunken crowds, questions from the audience or the call ins. It seems like most of the time the caller or live audience member is an idiot. The few times the person delivers is not worth the 97% of the callers who aren't smarter than a piece of cheese. I felt that he got away from the thing I found so unique and often did not really even interview the guests he brought in. So when that episode ended I decided to put the show on hiatus. I will come back more eventually but it was time to find something new.

One new podcast I have found and have dug most of is Creative Start. The podcast talks to artists about their journey to their current career. It is a new series and has like 6 episodes currently. I have listened to 5 of them and have learned something every time.

Another podcast I have found is Invisiblia. It is an NPR production. I am not entirely sure if that should matter but I am sure it does for some readers. Either way I have only heard one episode so far and I am excited to hear more. The episode I listened to was about fear. It talks about changes in how kids are parented, a person who actually has no fear, and ways to overcome fear. To be honest I still have about 10 minutes left but it is awesome and I wanted to mention it.

I am also listening to the recently relaunched Radio Free Burrito. It is helmed by Wil Wheaton and maybe his wife Anne. I am not sure because I am starting in early January and he is figuring it out. I find him to be pretty amusing and interesting. I am a huge fan of his web series Table Top and it seemed natural to try something else he is behind. He and his wife seem to have no filter and you learn things you might wish you hadn't but I can't get enough.

I mentioned it earlier but a podcast I have really fallen for is the Alison Rosen one. Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend is different. She has some amazing interviews with guests. In fact she was behind a lot of recent Marvel talk after her interview with James Gunn. This week her interview with Jennifer Lee, widow of Richard Pryor, is making headlines because of comments about Cosby. Her interviews are where it is at. She is all over the place when she interviews and it isn't a clear and distinct linear path but she digs where most don't. As a result she gets really interesting answers. She currently airs 3 times a week. One day is a one on one interview, the second is a group of friends and is usually super funny, the third is her and her husband Daniel. The third show is the newest and seems to be working on figuring itself out. My personal favorite 3rd show was the first where it was just Alison Rosen. Her husband was sick, ruining her plans, but she recorded anyway. I think it might have been my favorite episode ever. Especially when she called her husband on the cell phone to see if he was doing okay (and woke him up and he sounded like death) and when she made 3 failed "phone a fan" calls that went straight to voicemail (she rambled spectacularly for a message). I was in tears laughing. Good stuff.

I am also giving Jay Mohr, The Art of Charm, Book Lab, Coffee Break Spanish, Joe Rogan and The Writing Podcast a try.

One more thing, I am listening to a podcast about podcasting. It is called Free Podcast Course. Who knows maybe I will be writing things for my podcast as well as for this blog sometime in the future.

If you have suggestions or give any of my suggestions a try, share your experiences and feedback. I would love it.

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