Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Job Hunts and Soul Sucking Phenomenons

I have had a couple weeks of downtime since the last job ended. I am terrible with downtime. I am looking for work but there is not a lot of things happening currently. I have my application for teaching licensure sent in and it seems like I might not get that back in time to make use of it. Which is so..... you know? I have been a walking ball of stress.

My last episode of downtime pushed me creatively but I am having a hard time focusing enough to get anything much done. I have done a couple picture walks and I am writing but I hate pretty much all of it. I guess I am feeling a little negative about everything.

I have recently put in for positions that I think I would do really well at if they would take a chance. I have also applied overseas a little and to jobs that aren't the right fit. You know because I would like to work. I have a few ideas of things to do once I get a steady gig to turn things around but I can't start until I am no longer wallowing in job hunt mode.

I don't want to whine about my life when I put on a new blog. It was one of the reasons I stopped writing candidly in here. It was why I switched focus to stories. The teaching gig kind of tended to bump my momentum a lot. I would be excitedly writing and then I would stop to work on school and then a month would go by. So I decided I needed to share more then my writing here. Even if nobody pays attention it feels good to put it somewhere. So why exactly am I whining now? The reason I am whining is because I needed to post something and I apparently needed to get all this out and written. It helps, not  exactly sure why or how.

Thank you for letting me get this out.

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