Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Actual Wedding Take 2

Ok, so I rushed the last post a wee bit and perhaps that looked a wee mean spirited. I did not mean it that way. It just seemed silly to be still trying to write about an event that happened on January 27th. So maybe I need to finesse it a little bit. So here goes.

The wedding went off very well. No one got too misty or teary eyed while reading their scripture passages and the priest remembered Kevin's last name. We had an hour before the reception doors opened so a group of us, Jed, Simmon, James, his special lady friend and baby and Christian and his special lady friend, went to a bar to have a beer or two before the reception. Then we wandered down to the reception and got another beer or two. We ate a few appetizers and found our seats. Then the Wedding party flooded in and people watched as the "first" dances happened. Meanwhile my stomach was growling because the appetizers ignited a terrible hunger. Then we ate and the evening got more relaxed and people milled about. I caught back up with people I hadn't seen the night before and more beer and wine passed my lips. The night wore on and we decided to head to the bar down the road. Although everybody talked about it not everybody made it. They probably got lost on the way. We switched from beer and wine to shots. Then people decided to call it a night and Jed, Adrian, Kevin's big sis and I decided food was needed and we headed to Denny's. I am not sure what time it was when we made it home but I was done. I had really restless sleep on top of a rapidly deflating air mattress and soon I got out and laid on the floor using the air mattress as a big pillow and I got a little better sleep. I woke up before my alarm and I started getting ready to head to the airport. I left my portion of the room on the table and managed to turn Adrian into my hooker and I was out the door. I skipped eating on the way thinking I would get a burger at In N' Out but as I said before they were all closed. I dropped my rental car off and headed to the airport via a bus with a guy who did not seemed concerned that we might have a time crunch. I printed my ticket at an electronic ticket machine and I went inside. I dined on an utterly forgettable sandwich and then was surrounded by loud teenagers. When I got to my car in Portland all I wanted to do was find a nice big comfy bed to sleep in.

Hey Robert, any better?

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