Thursday, February 15, 2007

Update and a funny video

Hey all I have a new comic strip going up tonight but I am doing homework. For those keeping track I have started my second class of the semester. Thankfully it is not another redundant math class. It is Perspective and there seems to be a lot of reading and this is the first day. Oh and I got an A in the math class and I never even bought the book for it. Way to go AiO!

If you need some entertainment right now and can't wait a few hours I have this site for you:

I post his site only because that is where I found the cool video and I hope one day someone will link my site in return. Anyway it has a Daily Show clip about 12 billion dollars in cash that no one in our government can account for. I thought it was very funny and scary at the same time. I mean is 12 billion even a real number and how did they miraculously come up with 361 tons of hundred dollar bills? Check the video out and give the guy a little love for posting it.

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