Monday, June 11, 2007

Holy guaca'FREAKIN'mole!

Well it seems like more then enough time has past since I added a blog entry. I try to update on a regular basis but sometimes I get in moods where the act of writing a pointless blog about nothing seems more trouble then it is worth. That is usually when I should start writing, however it is usually when I stop. I have watched a few movies since we last spoke..

Big Wednesday - Surfers in the 60's. The more I see about that time period the less I find it interesting. Some of the surfing was pretty good. It had the Greatest American Hero guy in this movie as well as Gary Busey oh and also Robert Englund (Freddy Kruegger). This movie just meandered through a few deadbeat derelicts lives and had no real point. They were friends I guess but I am not sure why since they did not seem to like each other, the Vietnam War happened some went to war others went to great lengths to be excused from service, and at the end they surfed huge waves in California... Yeah that was pretty much it.

When the Levees Broke - A documentary on the Katrina catastrophe by Spike Lee. I have seen disc one of this 3 disc set and I have to say I had no clue what was really going on down there. So far I am 5 days into the catastrophe and it is a total mess. It really is shocking to see this all laid out there with this very horrible footage from the event.

Children of Men - The world's women are infertile and no one knows why. Somehow a young woman gets pregnant and these brain surgeons think let's transport her through very dangerous conditions to a theoretical safety place during her eighth month of pregnancy. So everything goes wrong, everyone has an agenda for the mother and her child, the baby gets born in a very bad place to be born and the movie leaves you before you know if it will end well.

Apocalypto - A very ugly movie that reveals nothing of it's subjects histories or culture. It does nothing for Mayan descendants or how the world views this long gone civilization. It starts with a brutal pig hunting and gutting scene. Everyone makes fun of the fat infertile guy (Infertility seems to be a trend in movies I have ended up with the last two days). Then some evil guys take this whole village brutally and drag them to a temple to be sacrificed. Somehow the main guy manages to keep his internal organs internal and his head attached so that he can spend the rest of the movie running from the evil guys. It ends with evil conquistadors making landfall. I can sum this movie up in two words "Don't bother"

Music & Lyrics - After the downers I have been viewing lately I picked a nice light fluffy romantic comedy. It was cute, it had some laughs, but it hardly reinvented the genre. It is still a relatively pain free evening of light hearted entertainment. Add some beer, a cute special friend and it could turn into a great evening. (This last statement is not tested or endorsed by this blog, it is purely the thoughts and ideas of this one blogger.)

I probably have seen others but who cares.

I have been in a little mini drama at work. I need a California insurance license to help people in the state of California. California also thinks they need to know everything you have done ever, including misdemeanors from ten years ago. I had no paperwork on the cussing out a cop violation that happened back in college except the citation. That was not enough of course so I had to send away for "OFFICIAL" court documents from Flagstaff, AZ that say I got a fine and paid it. I would be happy to just let California motorists go without my skills of telephonic evasion but unfortunately the overlords at the plantation think helping Californians is vital to my job. So every week I would be reminded my very employment hinged on this stupid license and every week I would say the State of Arizona only has one speed and that is Arizona speed, the papers will come when they come. I got these "vital" papers Saturday, I turned them in today and they are en route to worthless government employees in California. Hopefully very soon I will have worthless papers from the state of California so that I too can be yelled at about insurance rates. FANTASTIC!! GO California!

I stopped looking for a new place to live because I am broke and I really don't want to pay more then I am paying. I have no money for a security deposit and I figure I might as well wait a little while until I can scrounge a few pennies together. I still want to move but it is not the best time to do so.

I went to an Organic Beer Festival last Friday with my friend Chad. It was a good time and the beer was nice. We did not stay long just long enough to get a nice buzz. Other then that same stuff different day.


robert said...

I liked Children of Men! I felt that the ending was sufficient to imply she had reached the safety of the "Human Project" or whatever it was called.

Come on, CA has a bigger GDP than most countries in the world, it's not a bad place.

Robert said...

I got something for you to try to get some frre stuff. Go to and sign up to take their surveys. I've done a couple of cool surveys and have snaged some free magazine subscriptions.

Michael Williams said...

Don't get me wrong I wanted to like Children of Men but it seemed a wee bit overly depressing and nearly came across as silly. I couldn't wait for it to end. I don't think it was too far-fetched I think that our world would be chaos with the notion of no contiuation of the species but I just had a hard time believing people would go to work. I think I would be out robbing and stealing and what not. Why do all sci fi movies in the last few years have to be so completely devoid of hope? I mean one baby? What does that mean for our species? Not a whole lot.

As far as CA goes obviously you do not deal a whole lot with their government. Ask anybody that does deal with them, they are ridiculous about having hoops to jump through. Over 7 months of trying to get an insurance license and I am still having hoops placed inf ront of me.

Free stuff is cool. I do but I will check out e-rewards I like magazines I don't have to pay for....