Wednesday, June 27, 2007


So it has been a really strange week since I got back from Hanford. I have been getting into a flow at work. The new skills I have acquired for the position seem to have made my call time expand tremendously. I spend lots of time going back day after day to policies to fix them or make some kind of change. It has given me more ability to do some things, I can cut through red tape for certain things but it definitely has made my job take longer. I am not sure I am enjoying the new system very much. Although I am quickly becoming familiar with it. I was telling a coworker that some problems in the old system do not exist over here but new ones pop back up to take there place. The funniest part about what I said was that it is the same thing I have learned about jobs in general. Going out and getting a new job takes care of certain issues you may have but the new job will have a whole new set of issues. I figure at the end of the day that at least I did a small part to help make rich people richer! Isn't that satisfying?

I have also been finding new distractions that keep me from cleaning my house. I have needed to clean for a while now. I was looking for something a while back and I pulled boxes out of their spots and I just can't motivate myself to put them back in their places. Although just recently I did get a good reason to start working on the house. My mom is heading up here for a few days in July and I can't have this disaster I call a home be here to greet her. She is under no ill-gotten notions that I am a particularly tidy individual but she probably does expect not to have to hurdle boxes to get to the restroom. I subject myself to this but I would subject a guest to it. So the slow process of motivating myself has begun with this entry. I did partially clear off the kitchen table, that should count for something.

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