Sunday, July 01, 2007

Berry Picking!

I went berry picking on Sauvie Island with a few people from work. It happened relatively spontaneously while we were passing yet another long call-less Saturday at work. Christopher mentioned he was going berry picking at the Pumpkin Patch with a couple friends of his. It sounded like fun but until a girl from work asked if he minded if she tagged along I didn't really think about joining in. With her as part of the entourage it soon expanded to include me so at 8 AM I left the house and met up with everybody and we headed North. Sauvie Island is located in the middle of the Columbia River, Multnomah Channel and the Willamette river. It is part farms and part Oregon Parks and wildlife land. They have quite a few farms where you can do the "U-Pick" option. Which is always enjoyable because you "sample" as you collect. Apparently there is more to it then farms though. The island boasts hiking, biking and chilling on the beach as well. A place to go back for sure.

We arrived before most people and we picked: Raspberries, Marionberries (Not the DC mayor that has a penchant for cocaine but actual berries from a bush), Blueberries, and a few super small but super sweet strawberries. The strawberry season is finishing up so decent berries were few and far between but I got a great strawberry shake out of the deal. The marionberry, raspberry blend was a little tart but still a great shake. I am freezing some of these berries for later use. My colon does not need a work out, in fact I banned myself from any more fruit for the day.

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kevin said...

cool, sounds like fun.

your space orb thing was a bit weird. really. you should have yourself checked out by a proffesional.