Saturday, October 13, 2007

Leaf Blowers Blow - A Poem

Yellow leaves fall
I kick them as they brown
It's a flow of vibrant colors
Always amazing, the beauty,
And out of death.
The leave falls to the ground
Waiting for loud blowers to come by
Move them to where they belong...
But I am not done kicking them!
I missed the seasons as a kid
No yard of leaves to rake into a pile
That call for you to jump in
Stupid leaf blower man
Stop that!
How will I ever recapture my lost youth!
Evil, evil satan worshipping gardener!

- Rev. Michael James Williams


Robert said...

ASU is 7-0!!!

Michael Williams said...

Hahaha yes they are and finally they played the game up here so I could watch it. My roommate was rooting for Washington..... Muhahahahahaha!