Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stewey: The Rabbit in Black

Well.... I have more bad news on the blog contributers front. Stewey has passed on to the big pasture in the sky where he can cavort about and meet ladies and make hundreds of babies and never worry about running out of food or becoming food. Stewey the zany little gangster rabbit died recently in a horrible gangster style hit by one of his many many enemies. It was unexpected and unfortunate. Stewey's right hand man Sherbie the Love Bun was also found dead at the scene. Stewey was known for his zany behavior like disappearing for weeks to Florida and then pretending to be hiding in the closet all that time. He also was a roommate of mine and I will definitely miss hanging out with the Stew.

Rest in peace Stewey!

Rest in peace Sherbie!

A recent Get Fuzzy comic by Darby Conley (click on it to make it bigger):

Even comic artists who never met Stew sing his praises.

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