Thursday, November 01, 2007

A quick November howdoyado!

So it's freaking November! I had a great weekend this last weekend. Halloween wasn't too bad either. I would love to tell you about it and you might even want to hear about it but I have promised my time to a few other projects instead. The first thing you should know is it's NANOWRIMO month (google it) and I am involved in crapping out 50,000 words in some semblance of a story. The second is a little book called the Grove Review has asked for volunteers to staff their little office to help them put out their book. I have decided to look into being one of the volunteers so Sunday the 11th I will be checking it out at an informational meeting. We shall see but it seems intriguing. So I am currently at 1322 words in my story and I have a mere 48,688 left to type. So my words here are going to brief this month. Suffice it to say my pumpkin won a contest at work for being the coolest and most creative pumpkin. Of course there were no other pumpkins but my beast of a pumpkin would have eaten them for breakfast or at least fallen on them crushing their souls and their pumpkinness. Either way it got me a gift card at Starbucks and a week of dress down to be used in December. Well hope all is well. I will check back in. I have some more writing to do.

If you have little people you dressed up in costumes for Halloween I would love to have a copy sent to me and your permission to post them, if you do not mind, on this blog. If you do mind the posting of the cute lil' people then send the pic to me and say "No posty!" The message being little kids in little costumes are cool and I want to see what they were dressed up as and I am sure most sane people do too.... Actually any of you silly people out there can send me a pic of your costumed self and I will post it! DO it! DO IT NOW!!

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