Sunday, November 04, 2007

Yo! CLD Rocks!

Well the weekend was pretty good to me. I am currently sitting at 7700 words written on my novel that I still have not titled or figured out where it is going. I am trying to get to 8500 tonight before I call it a night. I just needed to take a break and say hi to you all. I wanted to mention a few things. ASU lost to the stupid Ducks... that was horrible. My roommate was all happy and I felt like kicking him in his fat head a couple times. So I decided to write for a while with my headphones on so as to stay on good terms and all. It wasn't his fault the Ducks finally started playing defense. We went out and saw Michael Clayton on Friday night and I would recommend it to you. It is not an action packed thriller but it is highly intriguing and I liked it. It kinda of showed corporations as being super evil and I felt like I should point out my poem called Corporate Practices that I posted in October about corporations and there evilness. We are totally on the same wave length there. Then Saturday after watching the Devils lose (boo!) I went with my evil roomie to a place called Indian Grill that had some awesome food. I had a Lamb Tikka Kabob and loved it. Then we rented Alpha Dog which was actually pretty entertaining. It had a horrible ending and all but it was kind of amusing until then. Other then that I have been lying low and close to the home front. Anyway I need to get back to writing.


Robert said...

I would like to point out that Oregon is not that good, ASU basically gave them the win. It all started with Rudy Carpenter's lack of game management calling a run with 40+ seconds left int eh 1st half. Then we had a catch fumbeled in the 2nd half and another Rudy Carpenter blunder with an interception in a vincinty of no Sun Devils. Our defnese was stellar, and has still only allowed one 4th quarter touchdown.

Michael Williams said...

Yeah Rudy had a bad game but in the end my roomie still won bragging rights. Which was very sour grapes for me... I hate watching Oregon beat us. It's ok if they beat others but not ASU. I want to talk mad crap at work but instead the past couple years everyone else gets to talk. At least I can make fun of OSU again.