Friday, November 16, 2007

Shiny Happy Thoughts for Disgruntled Citizens

I am so glad I took Friday off this week. I was starting to get a bit tired of the people that I deal with on the phones all day at work. It gets hard to care about what people are whining to you about when you are tired of hearing it. It is even harder to care when you have not been to sleep before midnight all month long because you are writing a novel in 30 days. Yeah I bring that issue on myself I get that, I am just saying I needed a day off so I took one. I am working the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve for this evil company and I might have stabbed a brother if I did not take some me time. Sometimes I still get amazed that we allow work to take such a huge chunk of our lives away from us. Why the Hell should I have to spend this much of my waking time doing stuff I hate. I get it there is bills and yada yada yada, but really? I was in a rut before I started this writing project. I would work all day, come home and take a walk (when the sun was still up and if it was sunny), then I would eat dinner, watch 3 to 4 hours (depending on if I went for a walk) of pointless TV, spend some time on the internet and then I would go to bed so I could get up for another day of exactly the same thing. I know you have heard this from me before and woe is me and all that jazz but I just can't believe this is what adults do. I can't believe that because it boggles my mind. I remember thinking "when I grow up..." when I was a kid but you trade one set of rules for a new set of rules when you get your 'grown up life'. In fact the only thing I realized was how free I was when I was a kid. I remember people told me to enjoy the fleeting moments while they lasted but who the heck listens to the voice of experience? No one does. How can you? As a kid you just see you are not allowed to do anything. You also never have money to do anything and your parents won't let you see if you have the ability to fly by jumping off the roof. Here is the thing, I am sure as an old fart I will envy these days too.... maybe. Anyway enough of my 'the corporate world is a fascist regime' tirade.

So I am on word 30,090 on my story. Just 19,910 left until my goal is achieved. I have a story with a crisis and I am in way over my head because I know nothing about the crisis I chose to write about, but I feel alive. It is fun, scary, intense and exhilarating all at the same time. I would highly encourage any budding wordsmiths to tackle this with me next year. I have a book that helps you keep going through the ups and downs that I could loan you. It is pretty entertaining to just let a story take you but some people spend quite a while laying out their ideas and the research needed to pull it off as opposed to coming up with and idea and then googling it mid writing stint like I have been doing. Anyway, the words still flow and I am still having fun. Wish me luck.

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