Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Nanowrimo Crisis #1

Well it seems that I have hit the wall..... I am 11,000 words in and I still have no clear idea of what I am doing. I have one main character and I think she is too mild and not all crazy so if I am going for a young adult feel here I need her emotions to kick up a bit. That is another thing should I have went with a female lead? I mean it is not too late to totally kill her off. It's not like it's a first person role. Mostly it is thought driven so I could switch people and just rotate or whatever. I mean I have read some interesting things lately with a multiple person take on things, ie. Jodi Piccoult. I mean all I really need to do is find something to write about. That is where I fall into a bigger dilemma. I do not want to write a heavy book about death, rape, teenage sex or other retarded ills of the world. Hell the world is dark enough isn't it? I want a lighter feel where you just escape your life and get into someone else's problems that are not completely overwhelming. Something that might make you laugh and might make you remember and even possibly relate but I do not want you balling or trying to figure out the mystery. I guess I have to make a decision tonight......

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