Monday, November 19, 2007

The book and the Holiday

Well I am at 42,031 words right now. I have a story and it is all over the place but I do know what I am doing with it. Kind of..... I know what I want to make it do but I am still working on making sure I do that. I am 8,000 words away from the super scary rewrite..... I will be reorganizing things and perhaps going with a new direction on a few things, a few characters may get scrapped and a few others might get added. I have an idea of what this is and it took nearly 40,000 words to see it. Which in itself is scary. I am spending time flushing out some ideas or writing new pieces to add in different spots to help with the reorganization. My story is a story about people coming together basically and that is all I am saying at this point for a description. I hope to organize it in a semblance of a coherent and flowing story and then I will start getting people to help me edit it. My mom is dying to be an editor but I am looking for other people as well for down the road a bit. Maybe the end of December on into January. Just so you know it is super rough and I can not guarantee it is anywhere close to what I ultimately want it to end up. Heck... I am not even sure if where I want it to end is where it is going to. So what I will need in the beginning editing are people that will help me find weaknesses in the story and maybe suggestions on how to improve it. If you are still interested let me know somehow.... email, blog comment, phone.

Other then that I am going to my dad's Friday night for Thanksgiving on Saturday.... as I said before, I work the day after Thanksgiving and I was not looking forward to driving all the way down to Roseburg just to turn around on a stomach full of Turkey and drive all the way back up. So they moved it to Saturday. Thanks Dad, Maryjo, Aunt Wanda, Uncle Don and Mildred for being flexible.

In yet other news I will be making a rare appearance in Phoenix the weekend of December 7 - 9. For more tour dates just let me know you need to know where I'll be and when and I will let you know. I may even sign autographs....

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