Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Don't Count Me Out!

I had a heck of a weekend in productivity for my book. I was feeling pretty down Saturday because I was only at 17,000 words and I was super whiny and defeatist, just ask my dad. I was worried about the plot (or lack of one) and my characters not doing anything interesting. I read the instructions for week 2 in 'No Plot? No Problem!', which was written by the founder of the National Novel Writing Month. He basically tells you how to survive this crazy ride you signed up for and says week two is tough because it is when the novelty of 'writing a book' wears off and the writing gets harder to complete. He said lots of people find they still don't have 'plots' during this week and usually feel panicked but he says don't worry, just keep writing about your characters and they will tell you where they want to go. So I churned out 5,000 words between Saturday night and the end of Sunday night. I still had no concrete story but I had decided the 2 male characters needed to ask out the females. I was thinking this is it, this is my story it's about being a dork and trying to have a relationship with people that aren't dorks. So I started writing at work today because work was super slow, I guess people thought the evil corporations would be closed on a national holiday but of course they weren't. I wrote 2,400 words before heading home and things had happened and I was ok with what had happened but I could see a sad little tale developing with a storyline of relationship woes. When I got home I decided to watch some football and that was boring, the 49ers suck. Then I decided to do some work for the Grove Review and I read all of the poets I had taken home with me. So I sat down in front of the computer and I started writing. And I had a complete left turn come up and smack me in the face and I had finally been delivered a problem to confront..... YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

26,000 words and I feel fan'freaking'tastic! I have a story here! WOO! This is awesome! I want to keep writing and ditch work tomorrow, but I won't (booooo). I am going to bed in a helluva good mood though! I have a story to tell! Yay!

I have a story but you don't got one cuz' you're on welfare!

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