Monday, November 12, 2007

Meow Meow Meow

Hello all!
Well it seems at 22,000 words my characters all still alive. They aren't doing illegal drugs. It is scarily calm. I am not sure what storm is approaching but I feel one building. I have a feeling I will attain 25,000, the halfway mark very soon, hopefully tonight. Yay my writing is growing in size..... yay.

In other news I am a reader for the Grove Review. I went to the informational meeting last night, in case you don't know what day I am writing that was Sunday night. The day I usually lay around watching football all day and night. I have a stack of poetry to read and rate by next Sunday.

Other then that life is moving along. I am in 4th place in fantasy football. ASU is in 8th. The Blazers are 3 and 3 and the Cards are 4 and 5.

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