Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Glee, you have disappointed me

So I am watching Glee... yes, I watch Glee. And normally I am not ashamed of that but lately.... Maybe it is the Lady Gaga aspect of this show or the Kiss counterpoint. It could also be the homophobia angle. Either way this episode has not been enjoyable. Usually I am laughing and enjoying it despite the many songs of torture. Most songs are not my cup of tea but I usually persevere.

It could be that this episode is overly dramatic. It might be that it is attempting to be serious for once. The show is tackling a lot of issues. Rachel finds her mom, Finn freaks out about moving in with Kurt, two jocks, who are hardly (if ever) in the show, are being homophobic, and the goth girl is searching for a new identity.

Of course it is none of that. It is actually the absence of Jane Lynch's character, cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester. She is the reason this show is good. Glee! Listen up! Sue Sylvester must be in every show and if she is not you must personally call me so I can skip it.

That being said there was a funny in the last 3 minutes. Apparently the principal believes vampires are real. So I laughed once. Bring Sue back!

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